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by Johanna Mischke

August 28, 2014

Small size – double the fun?

This compilation of wearable products might make you blush; however, the industry behind the most beautiful pastime in the world is a billion dollar market. You would never believe what is available for you today and after looking closely into this topic we are really curious about what might be coming next… Are you by [...]

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by Florian Schumacher

August 19, 2014

Wearables that help to cope with addiction

Technology in general isn’t exactly what you think of when it comes to dealing with addictions. More and more people feel like they are addicted to their smartphones and think of a digital detox but actually there are some digital tools that can help with many kinds of addictions. Follow this overview on how wristbands, [...]

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by Marije Nieuwenhuis

August 12, 2014

Glass devices have the potential to liberate the physician from the PC – Interview with Paul Lukowicz

Google Glass is currently passing quite obviously through the different lifecycle phases in technology and product development. Discussions regarding price, form factor, applications, function and usability have become embedded in developers’ minds and this is very probably how its creators intended it. Some analysts predict that the medical sphere is one of the contexts where [...]

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by Johanna Mischke

August 1, 2014

WT is coming to a place near you!

On August 29 WT gives all Wearable Techies on this planet the opportunity to meet at the brand new, global event created by WT: The WT | picnic This informal and fun gathering for everyone interested in wearable technologies, organized by local WT partners is an annual global happening in summer. Your peers from your [...]


by Florian Schumacher

August 1, 2014

Wearable Technologies News Roundup – July

More Venture Capital and Cheaper Wearables Wearable Tech is not only popular with consumers, investors are now also putting more and more money into the market. According to an article from CB Insights, venture capitalists closed 69 deals in 2013 with a total investment of $458 million. CB Insights’ report shows that deals in the [...]