Banner 5 Golden Rules

by Zuriñe Dopacio González

November 25, 2015

5 Golden Rules from Expert Christian Stammel

The CEO of WT | Wearable Technologies and recently selected as one of the Top 50 Decision Makers from Politics, Economic and Social, provides the ultimate tips on how to build the perfect wearable. Design Drives User Adaption : Visible vs. Invisible – That’s the big question. Energy Efficiency is Key : Wearable designers need to […]

Süddeutsche Zeitung Event

by Zuriñe Dopacio González

November 20, 2015

WT Founder was Selected Among the Top 50 Decision Makers – from Politics, Economic and Social

Wearables were one of the hot topics discussed at Süddeutsche Zeitung’s Economic Summit – Germany’s most important economic congress. Nowhere else you can experience a large amount of high caliber speakers, than at the event at Hotel Adlon in Berlin every year. WT | Wearable Technologies’ founder and CEO, Christian Stammel, was selected among the top […]


by Ayliffe Brown

November 19, 2015

Making your Online Shopping Experience Easier with Wearables

With the holiday season approaching many people are making frequent trips to the mall in order to find presents for all the loved ones on their holiday shopping list. It is always a bustling time of crowded stores and long check-out lines. Perhaps you’re the type of person that doesn’t feel comfortable maneuvering around packed […]

banner Smart glasses artikel

by Zuriñe Dopacio González

November 18, 2015

Where are the glasses now?

What happened to the buzz of smart glasses? Are they still in? Will it be a product category that will succeed in the end? Let’s go back in time to review where it all started and where they stand now. In 2012 Google announced their Google Glasses. At that time people were wondering, “What’s that? […]

Banner 10years

by Zuriñe Dopacio González

November 16, 2015

10 Years of WT | Wearable Technologies!

In 2016 we will celebrate in the 10th anniversary of WT | Conferences! It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed in this relatively young industry. In 2006, wearables looked different than how they look today. Do you remember? We reminisced through our archives and compiled an overview of the major conference topics. Starting with […]