by Spela Kosir

July 27, 2015

Take a Swim!

Summer is here! After a long winter we can finally enjoy the hot sun. Even though we wrote an article Let´s Go Surfing a couple of months ago; WT thought it is best to dive into wearables for the sport of swimming! Flyfit is an ankle fitness tracker for cycling and swimming. It comes in […]


by Ayliffe Brown

July 23, 2015

A Smart Employee for a Productive Work Place

Office wearables are for tracking productivity in employees. Seems like a good idea if you’re a CEO and want to know how much time is wasted per year per employee or if you’re a work-a-holic and have been praying for an increase in salary. However tracking your employees habits can be a bit stressful for […]


by Ayliffe Brown

July 21, 2015

Protecting and Securing the Treasure Trove of Wearable Data

Recently WT | Wearable Technologies sponsored a Wearable Data Hackathon in Munich, Germany. The main topics of consideration were; how do software engineers use wearable data efficiently, and how do we protect it from cybercrime?   In 2011, a researcher provided evidence to how dangerous cyber hacks to wearable health care can be. They were able […]


by Ayliffe Brown

July 16, 2015

Out of Sight, Out of Fright

Even with Moore’s law in full effect for the rapid evolution of wearable technology, there has not been much progress in assistive technology for the visually impaired. With that said, even glasses have remained basic in design and application. WT | Wearable Technologies wants to share the newest wearable products that can assist people who […]


by Andrew Cross

July 15, 2015

Wearable Tech Takes on the Enterprise

Commercial success has been hard to come by for wearable tech devices. The original Google Glass is just one example of a number of consumer-facing products that struggled to marry form with function until they were finally pulled from shelves. In some cases, sleek product designs haven’t been able to fully answer for a lack […]


by Ayliffe Brown

July 14, 2015

Super Skinny Batteries

People were blown away with 3D printing and the possibly it unleashed for prototyping. Now, we can print metals onto flexible circuits to create printed batteries! Printing batteries is similar in concept to 3D printing, but possibly more powerful in application. Flexible, skinny batteries are the innovation necessary to implement wearables into the Internet of […]