WT Christmas presents

Christmas is getting closer and closer and you still don’t know what to get for your loved ones? Here are a few suggestions from our Wearable Technologies bag of goodies:

For Dad:

How about a stylish Bluetooth Headset so Dad can make cordless, hands-free phone calls? Is your dad a passionate golfer? Maybe this watch is something for his next golfing adventure.

For Mom:

Your mother is on a permanent diet yet never loses weight. Perhaps one of the new WT activity monitors  would make a great gift for her. And for the worried Mom who constantly calls to check-in, give her this GPS Tag so she can see that you are home safe and sound.

For Grandpa:

Your grandfather loses his keys a lot? These tags can help him find them faster next time.

For Grandma:

Your grandmother is always cold? How about heated underwear?

For the daughter:

The safety of your daughter is your greatest concern. One great gift might be a small, flexible light she can wear so she is always visible at night. For the daughter who is often out late at night and doesn’t always feel safe, the Bodyguard Armband, a device that calls for help, makes a terrific present.

For the son:

Is your son the ultimate soccer fan? If so, he needs the new, “clever” soccer shoes! Or perhaps the water is his thing. Then get him this waterproof MP3 player.

For the brother:

Your brother loves to listen to music. Bet he would love to have this hoodie with integrated headphones!

For the sister:

Your sister has just become a mother and doesn’t live near you. Give her this wearable camera and you can still share all the best moments with her live. Or, if your sister is still in her “party years”, she will probably love this colorful, portable gadget that turns any object into a speaker!

Wearable Technologies wishes you all happy gift giving!