WTstore – For All the Geeks and Tech Savvy Out There

The consumer demand for wearable technologies is rising. According to a survey by CSS Insight and On Device Research, more than 60% of smart phone owners have at least heard about smart watches, Google Glass or activity trackers and are excited about them.

While the awareness is high, ownership is still pretty low, the tipping point not reached yet. Consumers didn’t have one place where they could get all these gadgets, no one-stop-shop. Until now, that is. The Wearable Technologies Group is answering this demand with its brand new WTstore.

The WTstore offers plenty of cool gadgets: smart watches like the Sony SmartWatch 2 or Samsung GalaxyGear, wristbands like the Fitbit Flex, Glasses and Goggles, Headsets and Cams, etc. The product range is growing and updated constantly.

Christian Stammel, CEO and founder of Wearable Technologies states, the WTstore is the perfect place for geeks and gadget lovers to get their fix.  “Most gadgets in the store are actually on my wish list. I’ve already sent the URL to my wife and kids – and maybe my business partners know it too.”

You have an awesome wearable technology but need a distribution channel? Please contact us. We are happy to help you get started with us.

Got curious? Visit our WTstore and see for yourself. Tips and suggestions to improve the store are also welcome.

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