Interview with Jim Johnson from Prizm Medical

In corporation with Viatek Consumer Products, Prizm Medical will be exhibiting at the WT I Wearable Technologies Show 2014 I MEDICA in Dusseldorf on November 12-15. We had a chance to talk to Jim Johnson, President and CEO, about current developments in the medical market and his latest product developments.

1)    For more than 10 years now your company Viatek / Prizm Medical is active in the wearable market. More than 250,000 patients worldwide have been treated with your products. Over the years did you recognize any particular changes in the acceptance or perception of wearables in the medical field?

Yes, in the medical and sport medicine markets when corporate giants like Apple to Google are entering, that get’s your attention. These major worldwide corporations are moving rapidly into collecting and analyzing body function with very advance sensing technologies. Mining and the collection of this data will ultimately provide analysis of the human body as it relates to performance in athletes and managing diseases. Once we collect all this data.. then what? Our vision is that Prizm’s Technology and distributed through our partner, Viatek Consumer Products, can provide non-drugs solutions with wearable therapeutics.

2)    Can you tell us more about your products?

Prizm Medical major innovations have been in the medical field in the treatment of diabetic foot disease, stoke recovery and treating pain at the source.

The three main technological innovations

  • The world’s first garment electrodes, “Intelligent Textiles for Medicine(R)”
  • Powered by a small watch type DC stimulators, Calypso Rx and Micro-Z Mini, which delivers a DC signal deep into the tissue bed  to promote healing
  • We are the first company to research and demonstrate clinical efficacy of  below sensory nocturnal therapy.

3) What makes your approach different?

In delivering below sensory nocturnal therapy DC stimulation is very effective, because the body’s natural healing cycle occurs when you sleep. This when our biological regenerative mechanisms are activate by the production of 70% growth hormones, insulin growth factors, and increase production of cellular function. Fundamentally, the body’s cellular, vessel and systemic functions operate on DC signaling. When you have an injury or chronic pathologies we deliver a DC stimulus deep into the body to activate these functions. Also, our devices are very patient friendly and easy to use which in turn drives compliance. Think of it, go to bed and received a therapeutic treatment while you sleep.

4)   Are you currently developing products for the sports medical market.?

We continue to grow to produce product offering as we move into daily wear applications for both sport medicine and medical.

5) What are the major challenges there?  

On the medical side is reimbursement from insurance carriers because our products where prescription only, but now are offered our products over-the-cover in both the US and European markets. This allows us to bring our technology and tell our story direct to consumers. This is why we are excited about our partnership with Viatek Consumer Products. Viatek has a worldwide distribution footprint in 40 plus countries.
6)    What will you be showcasing at this year’s MEDICA?

Our new wearable and wireless Calypso Rx DC stimulator along with our family of “Intelligent Textiles for Medicine(R)”

7)    What is your favorite wearable product at the moment (besides your own developments of course)?

It will be the Apple’s iWatch which has a revolutionary sensing technology.


Talk to Jim Johnson and our other exhibitors at the WT I Wearable Technologies Show at MEDICA in hall 15, booth number 23.