Top smart hearing devices for 2015

2015 is starting to get into a higher gear for 2015 for the technology industry. Smart technology is becoming the norm and it is starting to find its way into all parts of society. Wearables are a big and emerging part of the smart technology landscape for 2015. Another market that should farewell in 2015 is smart hearables. A majority of these are hearing aid and BlueTooth headset type devices that allow a person to do a lot of things. The following is a small look at some of the smart hearables that will be showcased on the technology market for 2015.



Elbee is a smart wireless earphone device that allows for a person to be able to listen to music and flip through songs with just the tilt of a head. It also has voice movement for a person to be able to control their smartphone and be able to do commands without the use of your hands. Elbee can be used on home devices such as televisions and lights. With just a tilt of the head a person can turn off the TV or turn on and off the lights. The Elbee has sophisticated sensors located in the device that allow for it to do the amazing things that it can do. There is a high quality microphone and speaker here. Little is known about this company and they are still in a pre-launch mode. For more information about this device the best thing to do is go to

Huawei TalkBand B2


Huawei is becoming a worldwide force in the technology industry. For the hearables market, the TalkBand B2 by Huawei is certainly one looking to do well in 2015. It has a detachable face from the band which can then be placed on the ears sort of like a BlueTooth headpiece. The device has the companion apps and has the fitness tracking abilities. There are reminders and alarms that you get from your smartphone that will show up on your wrist. The TalkBand B2 has voice controls as well. The TalkBand B2 has 24/7 monitoring so a person can track their sleep patterns and their heart health by checking the companion app. The battery life here for the TalkBand B2 is very strong as well. It is BlueTooth compatible and is iOS and Android compatible. There are also smart music features here as well. The TalkBand B2 is certainly a nice workout companion and with the detaching face, people will want it for the convenience. There are some websites that are selling the TalkBand B2 for about $209. For the hearables industry, this is certainly a fair price for the technology and the functions that it has.

IoT Dots by Epic Semiconductors


Epic Semiconductors enters the hearables industry with this offering of what is called IoT Dots. IoT Dots are small dot looking sensors that can be placed inside of earbuds or they can also be simply placed in or behind the ear. They are very small and they do not need batteries to operate. They are able to harness their energy from smartphones within their reach. IoT Dots are able to process sound and allow for it to be heard through a bi-directional process over the human body. This device also allows for a person to be able to listen and answer their smartphone and can do it through various hand movements, head movements, and voice control. IoT Dots also act like microphones and allow you to record the sound in high quality stereo. This is a new product that has just been announced so pricing and operating logistics have been nil at this moment. IoT Dots should be available to the consumer market by the end of the year.



The Ear-O-Smart will be a trendsetter in 2015. This product is the first smart earring. This small device will be able to keep track of heart beat and heart rate, keep track of calories burned during a workout, and a whole host of activity trackers. They can all be seen and manipulated through the companion app that will be with the Ear-O-Smart. This is a patent pending technology so this product and company are in the early stages. The Ear-O-Smart is BlueTooth 4.0 compatible. Consumers can get more information about the Ear-O-Smart by signing up for an online newsletter from the company by going to their website at The company and the product will also be featured at the upcoming Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 to be held in Milan at the end of April.



Of these new hearable devices to come out in 2015, the BitBite is certainly one that is different. It is a health and fitness device for sure. The BitBite is a small device that is placed inside of the ear. The sensors inside of it are able to pick up the sounds of someone chewing when they are eating. The BitBite then is able to send information to a companion app that tells what, when, and where the person is eating. The BitBite app then is able to send real time dietary advice that will send that person back on a healthier track of life. It is real time advice in which the person will hear the advice and then be able to know exactly what is good and what is not when it comes to dieting. The BitBite is smart enough to alert you when you have been eating too much unhealthy food. This device will certainly change the way that people look at dieting. The BitBite was featured at the Wearable Technologies Conference in Munich, Germany at the beginning of February and they have a crowdfunding drive at Indiegogo. Possibly could see the BitBite on the market by the end of the year.

ReSound Hearing Aids


ReSound Hearing Aids are hearing enhancing aids for the iPad, iPod, and iPhone. Whatever sound is coming through your iPhone, you will be able to hear it through ReSound hearing aids. But that is not the only thing that they can do. You can do video chat and hear the person just as clear as a bell. This product is aimed at those who are hard of hearing. This smart hearing aid also has been noted as being therapy for those who suffer from tinnitus. There are four sound therapy options. The wireless technology here is very good. The compatible app allows for a person to be able to adjust the sound for the ReSound hearing aid. These are very sophisticated hearing aids and for that you will pay. Some of the ReSound Linx2 hearing aids have been retailing to right around $2,000. This is for the high end crowd but there could be a possibility that a doctor could recommend them and medical insurance could possibly help you get them.

Sony Smart B Trainer


Sony makes its presence here with the Sony Smart B Trainer. This headset is geared to be a coach while you are working out. It has the companion app which allows for a person to be able to keep track of their vitals while working out and also lets a person know when they are training too hard or too less. It has 16GB of storing capacity to allow for lots of music storage. You are able to incorporate different workout plans and goals and the Smart B Trainer coaches you towards those goals. The Smart B Trainer will change the music if you are trying to train harder or slower. This device is very easy to use. There has not been any price details given about the Sony Smart B Trainer but most believe that the Sony Smart B Trainer will be on the market sometime during the first or second quarter of 2015.

 The Dash by Bragi


The Dash by Bragi is another hearing aid type device that is geared to produce very clear sound but is also a smart fitness and health tracker. There is a companion app that helps a person to be able to keep track of their walking and jogging and also keeps track of heart beat, heart rate, and other health vitals. The Bragi app is very easy to use. The Dash also works as a BlueTooth headset type device and allows for a person to be able to answer their smartphones and do it with the utmost of ease. The Dash is also engineered with noise reduction technology so the person can hear clearly through the hearing pieces and better yet allows for someone on the other end to hear you better. The sensors for the Dash have been given big praises throughout the computer industry, especially here in the smart hearing sector. Real time data is given through the Bragi app. This is another product and device that was at the Wearable Technologies Conference in February in Munich, Germany. Not much has been said about the price because it is still in pre-order mode.



Cosinuss is a smart hearing device that is aimed at measuring heart rate and core body temperature. It is BlueTooth 4.0 compatible and is wireless. The Cosinuss is very comfortable with some people saying that it didn’t even feel like that they had a hearing device on. It has a respectable 10 hours of lifetime on the battery and it takes only an hour for it to get back to full power. This is also another product that was featured at the Wearable Technologies Conference 2014 in San Francisco. The Cosinuss is simple in function because it is aimed at the active family who are interested in their vitals while training. The thing is that those functions have a purpose and the Cosinuss fills that purpose very, very, well.



Valencell is a company that is looking to play a huge part in the wearables technology market in the years to come. Their patented PerformTek Technology is able to work with any wearable device and help measure certain biometric functions; the same ones that are becoming the industry norm in wearables. PerformTek allows for a person to be able to game, have performance coaching, and track their training from a compatible app. Their optomechanical sensors are able to make the reading of vitals very precise and complex. You will be able to measure blood flow and breathing. Valencell is noted as the company that most startups go to when it comes to fully developing their smart products these days. Valencell is willing to work with and help anybody that they can and they fill that mantra very well. Most smart devices these days usually have some kind of Valencell technology associated with it.

BioSport by Intel


The earbuds here by BioSport are another one of those fitness trackers with a companion app. The BioSport has a heart rate monitor that allows for optimal tracking. The sound with the BioSport is very clear and allows for excellent music quality to come out during those grueling workouts. There are no batteries here for the BioSport to work. Another great thing about the BioSport is that it is powered by Intel. The BioSport earbuds are waterproof as well. This product is certainly one that will garner consumer support due to the Intel association and the fact that it is able to do its complex job despite its simplistic look. The BioSport earbuds can be found online and at various retailers for about $149. It is certainly a good investment. The BioSport earbuds were at the Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 in Munich too.



FreeWavz is a smart hearing device that was developed by a team of doctors. It is wireless and has all of the vitals measuring functions and the best thing is that it fits comfortable about the head and ears. You can connect FreeWavz to any smart device and be able to hear crystal clear music during your workouts. You can answer your smartphone and it will pause the music you are hearing so you can answer the call. This is another product that is still in the development stages as the companion app has not yet been released according to their website. When it is available, consumers can download the companion app from the company website at The device can be bought in the pre-order stage through the website and will be selling there for about $219.

Heart Rate Monitor Earphone by LG


LG is certainly one of the leading electronic and technology companies out there so it makes sense that they are here in the hearables market. The LG Heart Rate Monitor Earphones are ones that are able to measure a person’s heart rate while they are working out. This device has all of the vitals measuring such as heart rate, oxygen, and steps taken during a run or jog. The companion app for these earphones are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The hi-fidelity sound that comes from the LG Heart Rate Monitor Earphones is crystal clear and allows for you to hear music to enjoy for your workouts. There is also the LifeBand Fitness Tracker which is incorporated and designed to work with the earphones. The LifeBand Fitness tracker is a small bracelet that allows for a person to see their workout information on their wrist. The information is processed through the earphones and then can be displayed on the bracelet. The LG technology that is here is certainly hi-tech. The LG Heart Rate Monitor Earphones can be found on the LG website and other retailers for $149.

Smart hearing technology is certainly one that looks to gain big time here during the course of 2015. As with all of the other smart technologies out there, smart hearing is one that has a huge potential and could certainly see itself creeping into everyday lives. The possibilities here are endless for smart hearing. It will be very interesting to see what new hearables will be coming on to the market here over the next couple of years.