Everyone Wants Battery-Powered Device Life to Be as Long as Possible

Keysight Technologies will be exhibiting at the upcoming WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Fashion Edition in Milan this Wednesday 29th. We interviewed them to get a sneek peak of what they will be presenting and how they bring technology and fashion together.

1. What is the most important thing you learned while being involved in the topic of wearable technologies?

One of the greatest challenges in the Wearable is that everyone wants battery-powered device life to be as long as possible. Users of these devices don’t want to have their connectivity or functionality interrupted by a dead battery. In order to design efficient power (battery) used in a wearable device, it is important to characterize the power or current drawn during all modes of operation. Traditional technologies for battery drain measurements return only a partial picture due to their limited dynamic range, errors and limitations due to range selection.  Keysight solution for battery drain analysis uses a patented Seamless Current Range technology. It provides accurate measurements over a wide range with the recording capability that can capture days of current drain measurements for comprehensive device validation and characterization. Because of this innovation, today hundreds of engineers have new insight, enabling them to design more power efficient IoT devices, wearable units and smartphones.

2. How can your company help bringing the world of fashion and the world of technology closer together?

From a Technical perspective, Keysight offers a large set of Test & Measurement solutions to help customers design the product according to their needs without compromising their expectations on fashion and other elements.

3. What is your favorite wearable product/device (besides your own) of 2015?

As a company, Keysight is working with a large number of customers with our varied portfolio of solutions in Power, RF & Microwave, Digital  etc. From a personal point of view. which I am sure is widely shared, I think that we now see big brands moving  into the wearable market with their Watches and wirstbands will create good industry creativity & competition to develop more solutions for everyone.