The Future Of Wearable Toys For Kids!

We all know the biggest problem with kids these days is not being motivated. Technology seems to be the blame for the distraction and isolation from their community. However, it can also induce motivation to learn. WT | Team is excited to dive into wearable solutions for children to act like kids again – getting dirty -just like in the old days.

View-Master is a VR headset that allows you to see the world differently. With a little bit of digital magic kids are now able to explore the world and travel back in time. You just download the app and place your smartphone into a View-Master. Then you can enjoy the 360° view of a fantasy world. With View-Master, children will be able to interact with animals that they´ve never seen before! They can also explore places they’ve always wanted to see. We think this product is great for kids and their imagination.

Disney developed Playmotion, a new toy platform created in partnership with Hasbro, designed to imitate the movie: The Avengers. You can purchase Playmotion The Avengers Starter Pack, which consists of a physical, body-worn costume element where you can shoot your enemies. Disney says Playmotion is not meant to be played in front of a screen, thus, increasing childhood imagination and movement. Also, if you are not a fan of superheroes, Disney promises playsets for Frozen and Star Wars to be ready in a few years.

Moff is a cool bracelet that turns everything you touch into a sound interactive toy. It detects your movement and gives you different play experiences. For example, kids can fight with toy swords; can be rock stars by playing air guitar or drums; and so much more. With Moff the sky is the limit…

Powaband is said to be a wristband which tracks activity. The idea is to collected into points by exercising which can be used to unlock gaming time on any platform, including Xbox One, PS4, Wii and smartphones. Powaband is still under development. More info to come.

Traditionally, little girls were encouraged to play with dolls, and boys were encouraged to play with toys that are more technical. The result of that is that man are normally more techy then women. As we have seen with the rise of social equality, designers are changing this for future toys.

Linkitz can teach girls to code. WT enjoys this product because Linkitz aims to teach young girls to think like future engineers. They say that by assembling links and using them in different combinations, the next generation of females will grow up seeing technology as a tool that they can use to create things. Rather than something they passively consume time, or use for cyber bulling. In a fun, playful way girls can understand how technology works and learn how to manipulate it.

Meet McRed and McRose from Herokins! This wearable helps kids to understand their chores, safety lessons and healthy habits in a fun and playful way. App allows kids to interact with their heroes and with a little bit of magic they encourage them to discover the world around them in a fun and safe way.

Technology is here to stay and although it has its downfalls we are very happy to see there are smart wearable toys out there. These engineering teams are doing a good job with designing electronic toys that are stimulating kids to exercise. We are hoping there will be more products that would teach future children interactive, problem solving, and cognitive thinking.