The Wearable Business Picnic

Sunny days don’t always lead to lazy days. However, it can increase the urge to want to be outside. WT | Wearable Technologies knows this feeling, and has organized an event to indorse creative thinking, while enjoying the outdoors.

On September 2, 2015 the WT picnic will take place. This is an informal gathering of people worldwide who all share an interest in wearable technology. This expands to all corners of the industry; from data security, to managing product production, to various methods of energy harvesting, to innovating last years designed to a better user-interface for the future. WT aims to include all cultures and countries of the world. We currently have 8 organizers representing the following countries; Sweden, Brazil, Germany, New Zealand, Taiwan, India, Singapore, and Denmark. If your country is not listed, do not fret! WT is happy to add any person who wished to organize the WT picnic in their area!

WT | Wearable Technologies aims to have the picnic be relaxed, fun and low-cost to attendees. Therefore we ask for attendees to treat the picnic like a potluck. For those that do not know what a potluck is, it’s when every person brings a dish or drinks to share with everyone. Of course, if the weather is bad we have a plan B. That is to meet inside or under a covered area. This could also include going to a restaurant or pub and each person pays for themselves. Nonetheless please contact us to receive the details about your local picnic!