10 Years of WT | Wearable Technologies!

In 2016 we will celebrate in the 10th anniversary of WT | Conferences! It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed in this relatively young industry. In 2006, wearables looked different than how they look today. Do you remember? We reminisced through our archives and compiled an overview of the major conference topics. Starting with smart clothing in 2006 to – in our prediction – smart patches in 2016. Below is the evolution of wearables defined by WT | Wearable Technologies; from bulky devices to beautiful and sleek smart pieces. Let’s explore this together!

10-years infographic wearable technologies trending topic conference 2

Are you a person that still owns “old” wearables?  Do you agree with our analysis? Then please share your opinions and pictures of your dinosaur products by using the following hashtag #WTBDAY10

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2016 will bring a special edition of WT | Wearable Technologies Conference held in Munich on January 26-27. This 2 day conference will feature several surprises: The 10th year celebration of doing what we all love most, innovative speeches, and THE biggest exhibition area ever with the latest in wearable tech.

We are proud to announce that Christophe Bianci, CEO of Feeligold will speak at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference in Munich. As a premiere, Christophe Bianci will be presenting the i-feel Beauty; the trailblazer innovation of the Internet of Things applied to Cosmetics.

This year’s speakers also include EJ Shin from Jenax, a company that produces flexible batteries. Jenax allows electronics to conform into any curved, bent or crumpled form. Furthermore, Sonia Sousa from Kenzen will step to the stage to present their smart patch that monitors continuous hydration, lactic acid and glucose analysis from a single bead of sweat. Lastly, Dr. Frank Salzgeber from the European Space Agency as well as Julio Terra from Kickstarter– plus many more influencers!

Expect that at the end of January the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2016 Europe to be one of the most anticipated technology conferences of the year. It gathers the best and brightest entrepreneurs, investors and tech fans for on-stage speeches. What is guaranteed to be a crowd pleasure is the announcment of the finalist of the Innovation World Cup at the Award Ceremony. This includes coverage within 6 categories: Sports&Fitness, Healthcare&Wellness, Gaming&Lifestyle, Safety&Prevention, Special prize for Smart Clothing and for Smart Jewelry. In closing, there will be a guided tour through the ISPO fair grounds! As every WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Europe, the event will be taking place with the biggest sporting goods tradeshow of this planet. So don’t miss out on joining us in celebration!