Making your Online Shopping Experience Easier with Wearables

With the holiday season approaching many people are making frequent trips to the mall in order to find presents for all the loved ones on their holiday shopping list. It is always a bustling time of crowded stores and long check-out lines. Perhaps you’re the type of person that doesn’t feel comfortable maneuvering around packed stores, or you’re too busy to leave work; therefore you resort to online shopping.  Below are a few wearable tricks that will help you experience a “smarter” way to shop online – whether it is for the holidays or for the future.

XYZE is technology that contains 3 integrated parts. First is their wearable device called ON – a smart measuring tape. It assists the online shopper by taking their body’s measurements. XYZE’s patented technology called “Resize,” is accurate in its ability to automatically calculate the person’s measurements. This is impressive because ON is simply a sensor integrated on a chest strap. The second part of XYZE is their App, which translates measurements into a brand’s size category. This is help because we all know the feeling of being a certain size for one brand and then another size for another brand. The XYZE App is intuitive enough to measure your body and specify your size to any brand. The final aspect to XYZE is their widget that can recognize your size as you place your online order. Even so, you may see XYZE integrated into various department stores.  XYZE is not quite ready to begin shipping orders, however you may visit their website to pre-order!

LikeAGlove is all about helping you find the perfect jeans. That is because once you have your favorite pair of jeans, you are most likely never going to live another day without them. LikeAGlove has created smart and stretchy leggings for $50.00 that measures your hips and legs in less than five seconds. You simply put them on and press the hidden button. It will quickly send the measurements of your hips, thighs, inseam, and height to their smart App (compatible for IOs and Andirod). The real magic is hidden within the App. Once it knows your body size – it will filter through the web of jeans to provide you with the best brands for your body. Then you are able to click on the jeans you like most to be taken straight to the retailer’s website. Click to add to cart and ba-da-bomb; jeans at your fingertips!

Size Genie is a camera that attaches to your computer. It is not quite ready for market, but the idea is similar to the product above. You plug the camera into your computer; it creates a 3D scan of your body type and then provides you with details about the best apparel size for you. They are accepting emails from people that are interested in using their product. Sign up to be the first to know when Size Genie is available.


We will be on the lookout for more intuitive technology that can assist you with your online shopping. These guys have great products that can simplify your e-commerce experience. Soon there will be no hassle with returning items that do not fit properly.