The Best Smartphones for Your Wearable Devices

The majority of wearable gadgets today are smartphone companion devices, designed to connect to a Bluetooth app. As these devices get smarter and evolve, are your smartphones updated and smart enough? WT | Wearable Technologies would like to guide you through the best smartphones for your wearable devices to save your time and pocket on unsuitable products.
A glance, we narrowed the search to companies that are long time standing; such as Jawbone, Fitbit, Moov Now, Garmin, Misfit, Apple Watch and Pebble. They all require IOS 8 and Android 4.3 at least to run their apps. Then here are our suggestions:

Iphone 6/ 6 plus
Iphone 6 looks similar to past iPhones, but in reality, it has changed a lot. It’s a better, faster, more engaging experience than its predecessors. Especially, when connected to an Apple watch. All data can be seen on the Watch from favourite apps, to emails, to activity tracking. This provides you an excellent IoT life.
Avaible from: £539

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +
The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus takes one of the 2015’s most innovative models and expands it. Swelling the edge+ up to 5-7 inches over the original 5.1. It offers new technology as well as a glory big screen to go perfect with a Jawbone UP4, which is described not to work well with small screen phone.
Available from: £549

Sony Xperia Z5
The Xperia Z5 brings Sony up-to-date in terms of hardware. Its innovative feature is water resistance. Sony Xperia Z5 provides you unlimited experiences with smartest devices: including the Android wearable tech on the market at the moment
Available from: £479.99

BlackBerry Priv
If you are a BlackBerry fan and an Android fan, BlackBerry Priv can satisfy you. It is a slider handset with a huge 5.4 inch display, offering the benefit of latest Android devices which works well with your fitness tracker or smartwatch. Additionally, it keeps the classic physical keyboard form.
Available from: £559

Motorola Motor G
Motor G is a brilliant choice for a good smartphone under a reasonable price. It is a smartphone which work efficiently with most of new models of wearable devices such as Misfit and Pebble. In addition, water resistance has been added along with a good battery life.
Available from: £159

Last but not least, the most important factor in purchasing a new device is making sure that it is suitable for you. This means it’s suitable for your budget, your purpose or your interest. We hope our suggestions can help you to choose the best Smartphone for your wearable device.