Wearables: THE Answer to Hair Loss?

Have you been losing hair? Find yourself not loving your new bald spot? Or maybe you are not happy with expensive hair restoration surger? Even so the American Hair Loss Association stated that anyone can experience hair loss – in fact women make up 40% of American hair loss sufferers. For many of us, hair can be an important part of our identity. However, don’t worry! Wearables Tech can provide great and cheap solutions.

Theradome LH 80 PRO has the shape of a convenient helmet  that has proven to give powerful results. It does not require a prescription, nor does it involve medication that can trigger harmful side effects. With only one button on the helmet and a quick 20-minute session you can trigger hair growth in your own home. Laser light is their key. Theradom aims to penetrate the scalp at a depth of 3-5 mm and reach the base of a hair follicle – laser can get the job done quickly. By treating the base of hair follicle, the cold laser ensures the mitochondria of hair cell is stimulated. However, hair follicle can only absorb coherent laser light at a wave length of 678 +/- 8 nm. The Theradome LH80 proprietary lasers harness the power of red light at an optimized wave length which is ideal for clinical strength hair rejuvenation. Besides, specialists advice to use the Theradome 80 maximum twice a week.

The iGrow is a clinically proven and safe in-home device. It is designed and produced to treat thinning hair and balding in both men and women. Igrow uses low level light therapy (LLLT) that utilise laser or light energy below a specific energy threshold and within a specific wavelength. LLLT devices produce no heat, are safe and cannot burn or injure the skin. Within 12 and 16 weeks of using iGrow, as directed, most users reported they can see positive change. Within 24 weeks (or 6 months) of using hair starts to look thicker, fuller and healthier. Besides, iGrow is not recommend for serious hair loss such as totally bald.

Hairmax devices are laser hair loss treatments with patented hair parting teeth. These hair parting teeth play an important part in treatment since they part the hair for optimal delivery of laser light energy to hair follicles. Hair is a photo protectant, which means it acts as a natural sun blocker for the scalp; therefore the patented hair-parting mechanism parts your hair to create a pathway for the light to reach your scalp which allows for the ideal delivery of laser light energy to reach the follicle and achieve the optimal results.

The LaserCap is a flexible dome-shaped plastic membrane containing 225 low lever lasers, which can be worn inside a cap or hat. Similar to the Theradome, it is designed to be a wearable solution for hair loss using LLLT. The LaserCap can be worn by men and women concerned with hair loss or thinning hair. With as little as three 30-minutes treatments per week, you can experience thicker, stronger and fuller hair in 3-6 months.

Capillus is another resource for millions around the world battling hair loss. It is a laser cap which was approved by FDA. Capillus laser cap uses low level lasers to energize hair follicles and spur new, natural hair growth. Capillus treats hair loss at the root of the problem. If an underlying cause for the hair loss has been rule out, for example, thyroid disease, Capillus laser hat can be the solution to reenergize the hair follicle. Therefore, today it is used by hair restoration physicians to help patients realize a fuller head of natural hair.

Capillus Corporate Video from Capillus LLC on Vimeo.

Hair loss can happen at any age, for a multitude of reasons. Hair loss can be very stressful and emotional process. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be. These wearable laser devices are on the market for you!