Join the WT | Picnic 2016 in a City Near You

The 3rd annual WT | Picnic is less than a month away on JUNE 1. For those that do not know, the WT | Picnic is a worldwide event that happens once a year. We invite organizers from around the globe to host this WT | Session in their local area. Everything happens all on the same day, yet the organizer can chose the time and place.For 2016, we have a total of 10 organizers hosting the WT | Picnic in their local city.

  1. San Francisco, CA, USA: This marks the grand opening of the WT office in San Francisco. We have a 2Fork providing home-made ready to eat dinner for less than $20. We will have a handful of wearable companies bring their product to demo and receive customer interviews. Stop by Pier 26 any time after 4 to check it out.
  2. Munich, Germany: The home town of WT | Wearable Technologies will gather at Wayra Deutschland. There will be several speakers local to Munich that are impacting the future of the WT | Market. Bring something to share: food, drinks, products and/or ideas.
  3. We have two locations in India for this year’s picnic. Chennai with Mr. Kunasekaran who organized a fantastic picnic last year at Karpagam University. This is he takes the lead form Association of Scientist, Developers and Faculties to share more R&D within local universities. Register to book your spot. The event begins at 9AM.
  4. Salem is the newest location to bring adopt the WT | Picnic. Dr. Professor Andrews is the organizer. This picnic will highlight some of India’s best practices in regards to bring wearables into the global market.
  5. Copenhagen, Denmark is hosted in tandem with Bits and Beers; a monthly event hosted by DELTA. Gather with other locals to hear special talks all while drinking beer.
  6. Milan, Italy is also a new location to our worldwide WT | Picnic. Xmetrics and FabriQ plus more start-ups. They will host a round table discussion about what new technologies are impacting wearable devices. Topics like sensors, algorithms, and embedded hardware will spark lively imaginations.
  7. Taipei, Taiwan is hosted by a long-term partner of WT, AiQ Smart Clothing. The local network is invited to their office to learn how AiQ is influencing the great market.
  8. Our friends are StretchSense are cultivating the wearable companies from down under: Auckland, New Zealand. They have an open mic available for folks to step to and share their thoughts, concerns, and aspirations for the WT Market. Be sure to get there in time for lunch, for the festivities begin around 10AM.
  9. Stockholm, Sweden has been a WT | Picnic original organizer. Each year Lars-Goran Frojd invites textile companies, soft sensor developers and technology manufactures to speak about the evolution of e-textiles.
  10. Pam in Los Angeles, California is looking to gather toy makers, electronic engineers and wearable enthusiast to discuss how to they can work together to make some cool products.

If you are able to attend one of these worldly WT | Picnic locations on JUNE 1, sign up today. Even so, there are more than 10 cities in the world. If this event interest you and your local community, you can sign up to register for the WT | Picnic 2017.