Stay Away From Stress !

Stress has a significant impact on human society and health. In the short term, stress of daily life has an immediate effect on the body; such as back pains, and fatigue. However, chronic stress puts our health at risk if we don’t notice. To ensure a healthy life, it is important to monitor your stress. Here are WT | Wearable Technologies’ recommends devices for you to lower your daily stress.

Vinaya – a company based in London aims to fill the gap in the wellness market with ZENTA. ZENTA is a personalized coach for both mind and body. While tracking your activity, sleep quality and breathing patterns, ZENTA can also track one’s emotions, stress levels and overall mood. How can ZENTA do it? For your body, it measures variations in heart rate, respiration, perspiration, physical activity, and other key markers of your emotional states. For you mind, it logs your progress through daily touchpoints and  encourages you to practice interactive breathing exercises. Vinaya notices that the great thing about happiness and positive energy is that it’s infectious. ZENTA is positioned to spread the happiness.

Olive is a haptic and intelligent wearable and app that conquers stress. Olive is aimed to guide you to overcome stress. It understands when you’re stress overtime by discreetly nudges you through gentle taps or LED lights on your wrist. Then Olive suggests simple solutions for stress for example, stress management exercises, massaging pulses on your wrist. Moreover, Olive identifies moments when you’re feeling your best and worst to monitor stress. It captures your happy moments by double tapping.

BioRICS offers a method to realize real-time stress measurement by combining measurements on the body with physiological knowledge. The Stress Level Monitoring (SLM) is based on real time measurements of heart rate (using a watch or belt), body movement and temperature. These variables are processed by an algorithm that adapts to the individual and his/her time –varying characteristics.

Recently Professor Viera Stropjakova at Slovak University of Technology is working hard with her team to design a ring that measures stress levels based on skin conductivity. In May 2016, the prototype was released. Professor Viera revealed that at first they experimented with a wristwatch-like monitoring device. However, they discovered that the index finger on the non-dominant hand is the best place to sense stress levels. According to the team’s observation, the top most part of the skin (stratum lucid) includes a barrier that changes thickness due to nerve activity. Along with the data of blood pressure, heartbeat and breathing frequency, the ring aims to collect accurate information about stress levels.

You may feel there is nothing you can do about stress. However, it is not healthy to live with little stress; some of the best projects are completed under a tough deadline. If you can’t avoid a stressful situation in life, then using wearables can help alleviate it. WT| Wearable Technologies hopes these wearable above can help you.