by My Nguyen

October 31, 2016

A Haunted Night with The Living Wearable Techs

Costumes are the spirit of a fun and scary Halloween party! Are you panicking that you haven’t picked your Halloween costume yet? Do not fear, WT | Wearable Technologies are here to rescue with some last minute ideas.

No need to waste time, Digital Dudz can suggest various ways to create the weirdest, coolest and creepiest costume at the party by using your phone and a free app. It doesn’t matter if you want to dress up like a monster, vampire, wizard or a clown, you are still really unique with Morphsuits.

A lot of people do last-minute costumes. Here is a suggestion to create a very unique costume that uses electronics. It is not so easy to make such an electronic Demon outfit, however, if you are the type of person who is very interested in playing with electronics, why not try to generate an incredible effect on Halloween using a set of LEDs and a voice changer to create a spooky demon face whose animations respond to the sound of the wearer’s voice.

This adult LED stickman costume is also a brilliant idea for your Halloween. It is by far the brightest stick figure costume on the market which means it’s also the most visible on those dark streets. The costume are made up of anywhere from 150 to 190 super bright LEDs that will literally light the path in front of you.

Are you a fan of Iron Man? If so this realistic Iron Man mask is definitely for you. It has glowing eyes and an auto open /shut mechanism like the real thing. It goes perfect with iron man hands from the Marvel Universe, hot out of Tony Stark’s workshop. Also, you can be inspired by other screen heroes and wear the Lightsaber hand and Queen Elsa from Disney’s frozen- the snowflake hand.

If you are looking to make your friends spill their Bloody Mary all over themselves at your Halloween party, we definitely have some ideas for you to turn your sweet home into a haunted house…It’s not wearable devices, however, it can spice up your halloween party.

These crawling Zombies are good for creeping up out of the darkness on people who are hanging out on your lawn

How about this grabbing monster hand in the bowl? It will, for sure, bring a new level to your trick and treat game.

Or this evil baby…

Happy Halloween!