Beating the Cold Winter

We hate to admit it, however, winter is coming. No, it came already. That means no more short, no more tank top. And if you are thinking of any outdoor activities, proper clothes are a must. Thanks to the high-tech textiles, it help us stay warm easy during the winter. Below are some weapons for you to conquer the cold season.

ThermalTech offers the solar power smart jacket. By utilizing patented, lightweight energy absorbing technology, the jacket can capture the power of the sun to heat you up to 20°F in just two minutes, keeping you warmer longer. Moreover, the stainless steel mesh fabric threads are strong yet lightweight, lending to extended lifetime use while reducing the weight that additional heat-storing materials bring to most outer wear.

EMEL+ARIS has created the smart coat combining three essential components: beautiful cut, luxury fabric and revolutionary heat technology. The coat is integrated with a lightweight, inert polymer with no wires spreads safe and far infrared heat. This is absorbed by the body to warm the muscles and increase blood flow that make you feel comfortably warm all over.

Ravean gives us a chance to take control of the temperature of your coat. For windy days, 55F degree you can just wear the ultra-light, down jacket without turning the heating system on. If it becomes chilly, 38F evening, you can just simply turn the jacket with the low mode to stay comfortable. The jacket also provides medium mode for those 15-20F degree days. And for those super cold day, you just turn on the high mode keep warm.

Gerbing is also another brand for you if you are looking for a heating jacket. Gerbing has 7 and 12 volt clothing. The 12V line is designed to keep you warm when you are speeding at 120km/h or for extended outdoor periods such as iced-fishing day. Stainless steel microwires encased in a waterproof coating distribute the heat throughout the garment.

Winter already knocked at our door! However, it doesn’t mean you have to be cold for the next few months. Stay warm and have fun during winter time!