by My Nguyen

November 2, 2016

Fall Detection Bracelets

Fall detector is not a brand new idea. Most traditional medical alert monitoring systems rely on a pedant or button that our loved ones must press to call for help. However, there is a possibility that they are unable to signal for help when they fall. As serious as this situation may seem to be, technology is offering an increasingly effective solution with wearables which can give us peace of mind.

Good news! A new, very fashionable looking falls detecting wearable from 112Motion will exhibit with WT | Wearable Technologies in Hall 15 from 14-17 November, Düsseldorf. Don’t miss the chance to come and exprience this product before purchasing it to your familiy members. It connects to the Cloud eCare platform, using smart rules to deliver decisions. It notifies caregivers immediately when an individual falls; providing information like fall severity. Moreover, 112motion also monitors if there is any motion. Incase our loved ones are not able to get up, it will alert the health provider or family members.


Automatic Fall Detection from E-domotica offers you to get notify when your grandparents or your parents have fallen. Upon the detection of a fall a first alarm is activated only inside the bracelet. After about 15 seconds the bracelet will vibrate indicating the detection. The user now has the possibility to stop the alarm by moving the arm to prevent a false alarm. If this first alarm is not stopped by the user, at the same time the e-Domotica Portal will automatically contact family members about the alarm.

Tynetec is also another choice for you to care for your loves. It’s a smartwatch which is designed to be worn on the wrist with the capability of automatically detecting a fall. There is system with activity monitoring building on the advanced technical. A plus is that it has 1-2 years battery life.

Last but not least, Kinesis provides QTUG – a mobility and falls risk assessment technology as a solution to predict and prevent falls. How can QTUG do it? As we know falls occur as a result of a decline in health and fitness in older adults. Along with QTUG, it is easy to screen for gait and mobility impairment, and identify those at risk. After that the Timed Up and Go (TUG) test is needed to produce a simple falls risk score. This can facilitate early intervention. Besides, QTUG is a medical device which is supposed to use more often in clinic. This product is also exhibited with WT | Wearable Technologies at MEDICA. 

We hope these wearables will effectively help you feel more comfortable leaving your family members home alone as these devices give elderly a safe feeling or being looked after even when you are not with them.