by Stefanie Crucius

November 1, 2016

Jenax makes your Smart (Medical) Device even Smarter

Energy is crucial for wearables, and especially in the healthcare market, longlasting and innovative approaches are very welcome. Jenax will exhibit their solutions at the WT | Wearable Technologies Show at MEDICA on November 14th-17th and you should definitely visit them at our joint pavilion 15A23 if you are interested in learning more about their groundbreaking flexible battery. We had a short interview with them:

1) What does Jenax do?

In 2015, Jenax introduced a new innovation, the flexible battery technology named J.Flex that serves as the power solution that many of wearable electronics and Internet of Things have been seeking for. With this flexible battery, Jenax can support range of industries that are using advanced technologies to add a new design, comfort, and efficiency to their devices. Jenax not only provides the flexible power solution, the key to the growth of wearable industry, but also produces distinguished metal fabrics and yarns as well as ultra-thin wires that can be used in advanced devices.

2) How are your batteries different than others on the market?

The most distinguishing feature of our battery is the level of flexibility. Unlike the traditional rigid batteries in the market, J.Flex can be conformed to any curved devices, allowing design versatility. Our batteries are unique not only because of its degree of flexibility but also the availability of customization for each device’s design needs.

3) What is the common end-product that your batteries are used in?

After the introduction of J.Flex at CES in Las Vegas, we have been working with companies from various industries. Most products are next generation devices that are still in the development phase. Therefore, the finished products are not currently available in the market, yet consumers will be able to experience this new battery technology in the future. Applications are endless. Some examples may include watches, wearable medical devices, and IoT devices that need a thin and bendable battery.

4) What are companies able to do with your textiles?

Our textiles are conductive which can add heating features to product design. This could be another feature of wearable devices.

5) What are you looking forward to most while exhibiting at MEDICA?

Today we see the medical industry embracing technology to develop smart health products for more efficient care and treatment. When you design a wearable device, the primary concern following the usefulness and functionality would be the comfort. Amongst all wearables in the market, patients would eventually end up with products that are comfortable to wear everyday at home. J.Flex can be an essential supporter of these devices, allowing comfortable and innovative designs through the customization process. It allows you to craft the energy the way you need without having to give up comfortable designs over functionality. We are here to introduce that technology so that your smart medical device can be even smarter.

6) What is your favorite wearable?

There are a great variety of wearables in the market, each with its own unique features. I enjoy devices that help me realize things I didn’t pay much attention to previously and makes my life more convenient. I look forward to more new products that will improve our life style even more.