Wearables on The Runway

Flashback to only a year ago when the gap between fashion and technology began its development. At that time, the fashion industry jumped into the tech landscape and wondered how and if wearables could be more trendy rather than geek chic. Today, across New York, London, Paris and Milan, technology was paraded along the runway together with fashion.

Partnering with Hussein Chalayan, Intel appears at Paris Fashion Week as a stress and fear monitoring device in the shape of fashion eyewear. As models walked the runway, their stress levels were showcased on the wall beside them. The glasses were connected with the belt that they are wearing. The data was communicated to the belt via Bluetooth and then it projected imagery reflecting their emotions.

For spring 2017, designer Karl Lagerfeld also brought technology to the runway. He focused on the innards of computers- the data, the algorithms and microchips- instead of the gleaming exterior. Chanel opened the show with LED technology. The flashing green lights from the supercomputer were mirrored in LEDs that appeared on Chanel’s handbags and two robot-dressed models. Chanel has been trying to sort out its relationship with technology, looking for the ways in which technology tucked into clothes can improve our lives, or at least make fashion become more interesting.

Moving to London Fashion Week, we could see that virtual reality had its place this fashion week. Martine Jarlgaard London met with Hololens glasses to create a mixed reality experience. It means guests could walk around and explore them in more detail while also seeing the rest of the room at the same time.

There were also another augmented reality shows up at New York Fashion Week by Rebecca Minkoff. It is to help real women shop the look live. It means they’ll be able to see how Minkoff’s newest line looks on their body with an app named Zeekit. How does it work? You upload a photo of yourself, pick out clothing items and Zeekit will immediately overlay them on your body based on the size that you choose.

In the past, technology is not normally the first thing crossing your mind when it comes to fashion week. However, today designers have found the role technology can play with fashion garments. WT | Wearable Technologies is looking forward to see more and more co-operations between fashion and technology.