The IOT/WT INNOVATION WORLD CUP is a melting pot of creative entrepreneurial minds ready to disrupt the IoT and Wearable markets: start-ups, developers and researchers, you name it, convinced that their ideas will be the industry’s next golden egg. But why do these entrepreneurs take part in such competitions?

“The Innovation World Cup enables you to make contacts you didn’t even know you needed!”
– Michael, Buddywatcher, Finalist WT IWC 2016/17          

According to the startups, the main drivers to be part of the INNOVATION WORLD CUP are the unique networking and partnering opportunities, possibilities to present in front of different audiences and ability to learn from them. Would you like to boost your development?

“In building start-up ideas and moving from prototype concept to a real customer value proposition, it’s always helpful to present, obtain feedback, and iterate.
– Mark, Idezo GmbH, Finalist DM IWC 2016/17

The IOT/WT INNOVATION WORLD CUP enables connections with leading industry partners that might not be available or too costly to reach otherwise. It brings together audiences both from the start-up and corporate worlds across geographical borders and challenges people to step outside their comfort zone, interact with the market and face eye-opening learning experiences. For entrepreneurs, this is the key to make their way to the market. And the best part is that participation is FREE of charge.

“At the end of the presentation pitch, someone came up to Janne and said: ‘I want to buy your product straight away’”
– Ayaka, QuietOn, Finalist WT IWC 2016/17

Become part of the IOT/WT INNOVATION WORLD CUP and submit your solution before the registration closes on the 18th of November 2017.  Sign up for the special prizes and get connected to our partners STMicroelectronics, EBV Elektronik, LoRa Alliance, Gemalto, Geeny, AiQ Smart Clothing and VARTA. You also have the opportunity to bring your idea to life with the free development kits provided by our partners. 60 finalists will be selected to exhibit and speak on stage at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the Wearable Technologies Conference Europe.

Accept the challenge and collect the benefits, the next Wearable success story could be you!

What: IOT/WT Innovation World Cup, the world leading competition in the areas of IoT and wearables

The competition: includes seven different categories and six special prizes

Who can apply: developers, innovative start-ups and researchers working on mind-blowing IoT and wearable solutions

Prizes: benefits worth over $500,000

Submission deadline: November 18, 23:59 PST

Read more and register: