Diagnosis in the Comfort of Your Home!

Everybody knows that checking up on a doctor on a regular basis is fundamental for our health. However, sometimes we don’t seem to find the time for a medical appointment for several reasons. AND, even if we do, a simple diagnosis can cost us several visits to the doctor. Luckily, technological innovations are daily delivering sophisticated services that will shift our lives to a new level of conveniences.

Do you want to stay up to date on the newest home test kits that can be handy on your daily routine? If so, check out the latest and coolest one we have found for you!

YO Sperm Test will be a great tool for men who need to check out the fertility of their sperms. But why is that? Well, men and fertility related issues can still be somehow a taboo. Nevertheless, with this new home test kits they can save some visits to their urologist and do their testing privately at home. YO was developed by the team of Medical Electronic System that is also responsible for the Sperm Quality Analyzer (SQA´s) line. The device is compatible with many kinds of different devices and provides the user with a “step by step” guide. The user is able to check their analysis and results – through the YO app – that consists of 97% of accuracy in their performance! Pretty handy, right?

What if women could track their health only by analyzing the blood collect from their tampons? According to NextGen Jane that is possible! Menstrual blood contains abundant information about women´s health, such as: vaginal microbiome, tumor cells, as well as the uterine tissue – which can reveal whether women suffer of endometriosis or not. Endometriosis affects 10% of women and in most of the cases can lead to infertility if untreated or undiagnosed. The “smart tampons” are still in beta and should be available to the public in 2019 or 2020. While we still don´t have access to it, be sure to receive regular updates from NextGen Jane by subscribing for their Newsletter!

Pinching can be distressing when you want to get your allergies tested, right? Now with TestMyAllergy you can get this done without any pinching and itching! TestMyAllergy tests your allergies by analyzing hair samples and provides you with over 600 potential allergy stimulants (both food and non-food). Testing is easy, all you have to do is complete a questionnaire provided by TestMyAllergy and mail them your hair sample! A complete report about your intolerances will be sent to your email within 7 days.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that affects every individual in a different way – some people might think that they are just tired or that they have a flu. These distinct symptoms can harden the early detection of Lupus which – in a short/long term – can have a significant effect on the patient´s prognosis and treatment. A new smartphone-based app is being created along with a test kit prototype by Professor Richard Willson. According to him, with this new home kit test patients will be positive about their condition allowing them to go through a proper treatment. Unfortunately, there is no expected release date since studies are still ongoing.

While we wait for more news, there is one thing we can all be sure about: these new gadgets will definitely push our lives and the lives of our beloved ones forward!