Winter Fun With Wearables

Track your runs, monitor your performance, record your routes, protect your body, keep warm while skiing and communicate with your ski buddies – here is an update on some exciting wearables for winter-sports.

You’re at the top of the run and ready to rip it up. But there’s a problem we’ve all had that will stop any session cold: fogged goggles. The Abom HEET takes heated lens goggle technology to the next level. The patented technology places an invisible electrically-conductive film between a two-part lens. Controlled by a micro-controller, the battery sends a current through the film to heat the lens and keep fog away all day.

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As a successor of the Fenix 3, the Garmin Fenix 5 is one of the best multisport GPS watches out there for skiing. The Ski and Board mode puts speed, distance, vertical drop and an automatic run counter and more at your fingertips. The watch comes with wrist-based heart rate, advanced fitness features, built-in activity profiles and performance metrics plus smart notifications.

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Another set of smart goggles comes with Oakley Airwave 1.5 – no more asking yourself whether you broke some speed or height record on your downhill run or while doing tricks on the ski jump. The ski goggles have a built-in heads up display that integrates GPS, Bluetooth and more. Onboard sensors give you instant access to jump analytics that show distance, height and airtime. And there are even more features: preloaded maps, music playlist control, buddy tracking, …

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Blaze Wear will keep you warm this winter with their line of heated clothes designed for comfort, breathability and durability. Utilising cutting-edge technology, they integrate completely unobtrusive heating elements into the inner layers of the garments. These flex and bend as you do, so they never restrict movement. Powered by a portable rechargeable USB power bank or rechargeable battery, you can add low, medium and high level of heat using an easy access temperature control button with an LED indicator.

For the racers amongst you, In&Motion has developed the first smart ski airbag vest that detects unavoidable falls. It inflates in less than 100 milliseconds in order to protect the most sensitive areas before the impact with the ground. The system analyses and sends data to the user to understand better the reasons of fall and upgrade the detection to offer a better protection next time.

The Fornix communication helmet by POC Sports is now offered with Beats by Dr. Dre headphones built into the neckroll. With the remote control, compatible with most smartphones, you can take calls, switch tunes and adjust volume right from the cord. And most importantly, when making your way down a dangerous slope, there is nothing more you need to worry about your safety.

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