Coaching Wearables That Will Improve Your Life!

What if you could have a coach by your side 24/7? Steady human coaching is most probably out of our budget but thankfully we can still rely on the great variety of virtual real-time coaches that are out there in the market! These new coaching gadgets will constantly keep you up to date on what habits could be improved so as to support you in keeping up with healthy and enjoyable life!

How to be sure whether your running habits are doing more good than harm to your body? Many runners cause their bodies overuse injuries and finding the appropriate technique might be keen for a healthy run. Now with Runteq ZOI you can be acquainted of your running techniques and learn how to improve your running performance at a top level! ZOI is connected to a coaching app that will measure your movements and give you tailored information about your running characteristics (e.g. how much you are bouncing, how well you move in balance) as well as your injury risk level. ZOI´s sensors are lightweight and rechargeable which make it the perfect fit to use it anywhere and in every environment. 


Travel much? If so, you are aware how different time zones can have a great impact in our sleeping patterns. The so called “jet lag” is not purely a state of mind, but it does affect our body´s natural biological clock. Lumos Smart Sleeping Mask may be the perfect solution for this distress! It´s technology relies on studies from the Stanford University that certifies that circadian rhythm shifts could eliminate for good the jet lag sensation. Using the Lumos Smart Sleeping Mask is easy, all you need to do it to select your favorite sleep schedule. After that, it will provide you with personalized light therapy using embedded LED bulbs that can assure you an energetic start of the day in a new country!

You might start seeing more Google Glasses around than you have ever expected! Brain Power has developed a new coach system for autism that runs on Google Glass. The Empower Me system was officially launched last month and raised over 500% of its goal in a crowdfunding campaign on its first day! Empower Me is based on brain science from MIT and Harvard and its aim is to guide children and adults with autism to better understand and interact with the world around them. By wearing the Google Glasses, one will be able to interact with social apps simultaneously with family and friends. According to Ned Sahin – Brain Power CEO – the new Empower Me has a great potential to empower parents, therapists, teachers and last but not least people on the spectrum!


The year just started and we are positive that these as well as other new and exciting coaching gadgets will be available in the market shortly! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!