Redefined Work-Life Wellness with Energysole – Interview with MEGAComfort

Workplaces are evolving and employer and employee needs are changing at a rapid pace. Work-life wellness has always been a challenge both sides are facing. To perform at the top of our game, we need to be confident in our abilities, feel energized, and be in good shape at work and at home. MEGAComfort has developed a smart insole to maximize engagement and motivation, designed for people who stand or walk for more than a couple of hours at work. The clinically tested Energysole is reducing pain and fatigue and is not only monitoring how many steps you are walking in a very accurate way but also how you are walking. To learn more about their work and to see what´s behind, we had an insightful conversation with MEGAComfort.

Can you shortly explain what MEGAComfort is about?

MEGAComfort is an innovative work-life wellness solutions company for the workplace. We provide clinically proven and field-tested anti-fatigue insoles designed by a podiatrist. Our products reduce muscle fatigue and pain while simultaneously increasing worker comfort and productivity.

What did inspire you to found MEGAComfort back in 2002? How was the scenario back then when it comes to employee health and safety?

MEGAComfort recognized the gap between what was required in the safety market and what was being delivered. Since 2002, health and safety concepts have received more emphasis and recognition which was missing in the past. Demands of health and safety in the workplace is increasing unlike the market that we initially stepped into.

And how do you think that Energysole stands out in the market?

The Energysole is the ultimate blend of comfort and technology. Combining state-of-the-art sensors with the patented dual layer memory foam insole, Energysole generates performance data and step by step analysis in real time to empower and educate users on how to live a healthier lifestyle with more energy, focus and motivation. Work-life wellness is being redefined and it starts with your feet.

You at MEGAComfort have a wide range from products – from Anti Fatigue Mats to functional soles and shoes. Among all of them, do you have a favorite product? Why?

Our PAM – the Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat – is our favorite since it was revolutionary in the occupational, health and safety market. It played a major role in transforming the entire industry. We, as a company focus not only on creating products to suit the industry’s demand, but also create solutions that benefit both employers and employees. We have proven time and again the cost saving results elicited by the PAM, while still being loved by the employees for its comfort and support.

Do you have any new projects that we will be able to see in the market any soon? If so, we would love to know and share it with our readers!

The Energysole falls into the category of new project! We have 15 years of perfected comfort which is now heading into the world of technology. This usage of this product is not just for the workplace but can be used as personal tool in your own environment. The Energysole is a product of its age, which is the age of technology.

With regards to the current tech-safety market: Did you see any changes since MEGAComfort was founded? What do you think we can expect in the upcoming 5 or 10 years in this area? Is the market still missing some crucial point?

The safety market has evolved drastically and technology has played a major role for this change. From Apple watches to Fitbits, you can not only track every movement but can get online health coaches available right to your phone. The health, fitness and safety space has been a digital revolution while becoming personalized safety tech.

Other than safety & health-related technologies, is there any other in the whole ecosystem that you see as a great potential?

Absolutely. We definitely take an interest in technology that increases productivity versus health and wellness. For example, Microsoft’s Hololens uses what’s called “mixed reality” eyewear that lets employees see complex business diagrams right in front of their eyes. Another example is an application called “Smart Tools” which can measure torque in real time while analyzing length, angles, slopes etc. of an object.

Last but not least! What is your favorite wearable device (except your own) at the moment?

L’Oréal’s UV Sense, a battery-free sensor that sticks to a user’s fingernail and tracks whether users have spent too much time in the sun, based on the user’s skin tone, is one of the most unique wearables I came across at CES this year. Not only does it help protect the health of wellness of users, but it also represents the trajectory of next generation wearables. We’re seeing wearables getting smaller and smaller, life span is greatly improving, and tracking more accurate and reliable data is becoming easier than ever. The UV Sense illustrates how wearables are becoming less intrusive. Consumers are no longer limited to a large, bulky wearable that may need to be worn or removed for certain activities. UV sense shows us how wearables are becoming so versatile that they’re going to be able to seamlessly weave themselves into our daily activities.