Rockwell Collins fastak

by Ramona Socher

May 31, 2018

Rockwell Collins Unveils FasTAK Tactical Combat Targeting

Rockwell Collins has launched a new tactical combat targeting system and secure communications gateway, called FasTAK. The company hopes the system can be successfully used in today’s digital battlefield. Rockwell is demonstrating the solution for the first time at the Canadian Association of Defense and Security Industries’ CANSEC trade show May 30-31. “FasTAK simplifies a […]

by Sam Draper

May 31, 2018

Scientists Create Self-healing Health Wearable Powered by Body Heat

Health wearables are becoming part of our daily life. The industry is going through a metamorphosis not just because of big leaguers like Apple, Samsung and Fitbit, but because of big innovations. One such innovation comes from Israel that self-repair our body and requires only body heat to run. Scientists from the Wolfson Faculty of […]

Montblanc twin smart strap

by Johanna Mischke

May 31, 2018

Montblanc Introduces TWIN Smart Strap and Wireless Payment Platform

Montblanc has unveiled a new TWIN Smart Strap that can be attached to most watches to make them smart. The TWIN Smart Start features notifications, activity tracking, vibration alerts and can make wireless payments. According to the luxury watchmaker, the new Montblanc TWIN Smart Strap will “transform traditional timepieces into connected digital companions” The new […]

artificial intelligence healthcare

by Johanna Mischke

May 30, 2018

Embracing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have taken the healthcare industry by storm. They aren’t just illusional tech any more, they are practical tools that can help organizations improve their service, optimize the standard of care, reduce risk, and generate more revenue. Nearly all the big companies in the healthcare arena have embraced the technology. […]


by Stefanie Crucius

May 29, 2018

Eye-tracking is Going to Be a Game Changer for Virtual Reality

In Virtual Reality, eye-tracking is the user’s ability to quickly and accurately measure the direction he or she is looking while inside of a VR headset. This ability is often discussed within the context of foveated rendering, hoping that it could decrease the performance requirements of VR. For many years, eye-tracking has been discussed with […]