Inlab design scarves

by Sam Draper

July 18, 2018

InLab Design™ Unveils Garments to Keep People Warm

InLab Design, a visionary in lifestyle, health, and wearables, has launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, unveiling groundbreaking Comfort Touch Series, an apparel collection that combines knitting and heating technology designed to keep people warm. The scarves are made with premium natural wool, and are knitted with a tiny, durable heating wire that is powered […]

Verily resmed sleep apnea

by Sam Draper

July 17, 2018

Alphabet’s Verily Partners Up With ResMed to Study Sleep Apnea

Alphabet subsidiary Verily has teamed up with ResMed to study and explore treatments for sleep apnea. ResMed, who will exhibiting at our WT | Wearable Technologies Show MEDICA on November 12-15 in Düsseldorf, manufactures remote monitoring devices and software for sleep apnea patients. Combined with Verily’s data analytics technologies, the two companies plan to develop […]

Workplace wearable technology

by Sam Draper

July 13, 2018

How to Utilize Wearable Tech For A Successful Workplace Wellness Program

Employee workplace wearable technology programs have gained huge popularity in the last few years. The health and wellness of employees directly impact the health of a business. Studies have shown that 21 percent of male employees and 32 percent of female employees who struggle with health also suffer from chronic illnesses. However, employees who use […]

Wearable e-traces ballet shoes

by Sam Draper

July 13, 2018

New Wearable Tech Captures Dance Movements Transforms Them Into Visual Sensations

When we think of wearable technology, we don’t see ballet shoes as a wearable device. But in fact, E-Traces pointe shoes designed by Lesia Trubat, may be the world’s first wearable ballet shoes. The shoes capture the movement and pressure of the dancer’s feet using Lilypad Arduino technology and transmits this information to a smartphone […]