by Spela Kosir

September 27, 2016

Building Block for Leveraging the Future of Medical Technology.

WT | Wearable Technologies will be exhibiting at MEDICA for the 7th consecutive year. One of our co-exhibitors this year is Vivalnk. We made an interview with Lucia Nguyen to discuss more about eSkin technology and so much much more. Can you tell us more abouteSkin™ technology? eSkin technology is the culmination of over a decade […]

by Ayliffe Brown

September 20, 2016

Introducing THIM, The World’s 1st Wearable to Improve Sleep

Thim is the brainchild of University Professor Leon Lack. He is a researcher and practicing clinical sleep psychologist. He is well known in the field of wearable technologies for the development of the Re-Timer light therapy glasses. Professor Lack collaborated with Ben Olsen, CEO and Founder of the Re-Timer company, to develop that device. Leon […]

by My Nguyen

September 12, 2016

Interview with Anna Nykänen about PulseOn – Your Partner for Highest Quality Optical Heart Rate Wearable

Although PulseOn – a Finnish company was founded in 2012, PulseOn has over 50 years of OHR research and development expertise and various pending patents for algorithms and device design. Their constant development of technology toward higher heart rate accuracy, reliability and power optimization offers customers the highest quality solutions for today and the future. […]

by Zuriñe Dopacio González

September 5, 2016

Enabling Smarter Healthcare – Interview with Quanta Computer

Since 2010 Quanta Computer is trying to enable smart healthcare from Hospitals to home. You can see and try the innovations from Quanta at the MEDICA fair in Düsseldorf on Nov. 14-17 Hall 15 booth A 23. In the meantime learn more about Quanta in this interview : Quanta Computer is best known for manufacturing […]