Fitbit shipped million versa watches

by Sam Draper

June 14, 2018

Fitbit Has Shipped Over A Million Versa Smartwatches Since April

According to the initial sales figures for Fitbit’s second smartwatch, the company has shipped over a million Fitbit Versa watches since it went on sale in mid-April. This report adds to the encouraging indications by CEO James Park that the Versa watches had the best first-week sell-through of any wearable in the history of the […]

Wearables in sports

by Sam Draper

June 14, 2018

Study Explains How Wearable Technology Can Be Successfully Integrated Into Sports

A study conducted by International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) explains ways to accelerate integration of wearable devices into sports. Our CEO Christian Stammel, MBA, of Wearable Technologies is among the authors. Wearables are receiving considerable attention from the athletic community as a growing number of companies are producing these devices. However, use of wearable […]

greenteg vertical collaboration

by Ramona Socher

June 14, 2018

GreenTEG Selected for Vertical Accelerator Spring 2018 Program

GreenTEG, a Zurich, Switzerland-based thermal sensor maker has been selected for the Vertical Collaboration Program spring 2018. The healthcare-focused program is run in collaboration with Samsung, Pfizer and Folkhälsan, where the role of Vertical is to develop strategic partnerships and joint ventures with enterprises in the healthcare space to find business development, licensing, as well […]

Catapult PLAYR SmartCoach

by Sam Draper

June 13, 2018

Catapult Launches PLAYR, A Wearable with AI-Enabled SmartCoach

Catapult Sports, a leader in sport technology, has released its latest wearable, PLAYR aimed at sub-elite soccer players. Catapult built the device exclusively for athletes. Amateur players normally do not have the knowledge or resources to make use of advanced information. With PLAYR, the wearer becomes the sole analyst, providing greater importance to game metrics. […]