Masimo pvi monitoring

by Sam Draper

July 20, 2018

Study Investigates the Utility of Masimo PVi Monitoring During Colorectal Surgery

Masimo has announced the findings of a recently published study in patients undergoing elective colorectal surgery. In the study, Dr. Sevim Cesur and colleagues from the Kocaeli University in Turkey used these patients to compare the performance of conventional fluid management (CFM) against goal-directed fluid management (GDFM) using Masimo PVi® (pleth variability index, measured noninvasively […]

iBeat heart watch on sale

by Sam Draper

July 19, 2018

iBeat Ships its Heart Watch to Pre-Order Customers, Also Available for Purchase

iBeat has announced the release and shipping of its iBeat Heart Watch. The company shipped the heart and blood flow monitoring smartwatch to 11,000+ pre-order customers and the watch is also available for purchase. Read more iBeat Announces New Funding for Wearable Heart Watch “We’ve spent the past two years building a breakthrough product that […]

Magic leap one ar

by Sam Draper

July 18, 2018

Magic Leap One AR Glasses Powered by Nvidia’s Tegra X2 Will Arrive This Summer

Following a few years of development, Magic Leap said it will finally ship its Magic Leap One Creator Edition to developers this summer. The new announcement is more specific than what the company had previously said, which was before the end of 2018, but after a little follow-up it was slightly dubious whether they would […]

Temptraq for body temperature

by Sam Draper

July 17, 2018

TempTraq is Vying to Become the New Gold Standard for Monitoring Patient Body Temperature in Hospitals

A new study has shown that TempTraq®, a wearable, Bluetooth continuous body temperature monitor, is in line with Pulmonary Artery Catheters (PAC) temperature measurement, the current gold standard for temperature comparison. While the PAC is an invasive form of body temperature monitoring, the TempTraq is a tiny, non-invasive patch. When placed on the underarm skin, […]

Maxim ecg monitor

by Sam Draper

July 17, 2018

Maxim Enables a Healthier World with Health Band and ECG Monitor

Due to the complexity involved in designing good optical solutions and motion-compensated algorithms, many designers find it very difficult to develop good optical heart-rate solutions for health and fitness wearables. Customer expectations, accuracy, and longer battery life must also be considered while designing these devices. With that in mind, Maxim has developed MAX-HEALTH-BAND and MAX-ECG-MONITOR […]