by Zuriñe Dopacio González

May 8, 2015

News Roundup – April 2015

It’s time to give you a heads-up on another month and what happened during the past 30 days for you to stay updated in the world of wearables. Our highlight of the past month was of course the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Fashion Edition in Milan. A full day with innovative and fancy wearables […]

by Zuriñe Dopacio González

April 7, 2015

News Roundup – March 2015

Unexpected and exciting news for wearable tech fans in this past month. It was a month full of events, Apple, Mobile World Congress and Baselworld 2015 and we covered them all! But let’s start with some fashion related partnerships like the one between Italian fashion brand Gucci and singer who announced a smartwatch! The […]