MindMotion Go Gamified Neurorehabilitation

by Sam Draper

June 18, 2018

MindMotion Go Gamified Neurorehabilitation Platform Receives FDA Clearance

Switzerland-based MindMaze announced that it has received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its MindMotion Go, a portable neurorehabilitation product, for launch in the United States. MindMotion GO utilizes technology that is designed to be used by patients with mild to lightly severe neurological impairments, as well as those undergoing recovery […]

Samsung alice viceroy hotel wearable

by Sam Draper

June 18, 2018

Samsung and ALICE Debut Gear S3-Based Hotel Communications Service

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., and hotel management platform ALICE have announced a new communications service for hotel staff. The service will debut in the form of a system based on Samsung’s Gear S3 lineup of Tizen-powered smartwatches. The device is aimed at boosting staff communications, speed responsiveness to guests, and improve customer service among hotel […]

werum partnership nymi authentication

by Sam Draper

June 18, 2018

Werum Announces Strategic Partnership with Nymi to Authenticate Pharmaceutical Employees

Werum IT Solutions, supplier of manufacturing IT solutions and manufacturing execution systems (MES) for the pharmaceutical industries, has announced strategic partnership with Nymi, a company that offers biometric authentication solutions. The companies said they will work together to develop solutions for the smart authentication of employees on the pharmaceutical shop floor, which they say is […]

Industrial exoskeletons

by Stefanie Crucius

June 15, 2018

Industrial Exoskeletons Are Here With More to Follow

Powered exoskeletons are wearable mechanical devices that are powered by a system of electric motors, levers, pneumatics, hydraulics, or a combination of technologies that enables limb to move with increased strength and endurance. These devices made of rigid or soft materials are worn by people whose construction mirrors the structure of their limbs, joints, and […]

Wearables in sports

by Sam Draper

June 14, 2018

Study Explains How Wearable Technology Can Be Successfully Integrated Into Sports

A study conducted by International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) explains ways to accelerate integration of wearable devices into sports. Our CEO Christian Stammel, MBA, of Wearable Technologies is among the authors. Wearables are receiving considerable attention from the athletic community as a growing number of companies are producing these devices. However, use of wearable […]