Exhibitors WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2016 EUROPE – Barcelona


An overview of the exhibitors at the  WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2016 in Barcelona on February 24.

babypod-150x150 Music in Baby S.L.U is a startup company born and raised in Barcelona in 2015. It was created in order to produce and distribute the product Babypod, born from the clinical study about fetal audition developed by Institut Marquès. Babypod’s design and technology is Music in Baby’s creation. We work in order to provide the best musical experience to pregnant women and their babies.
http://bizfact.net Metropolis is a gateway to the Smart City and enables urban retailers to put ads on urbanites’ end devices, according to the time-based availability of the offers and the current location of the users. Furthermore, the app adds IoT-based services to the ads, like customized parking management or smart mobility around the advertisers’ offers.
eisox-150x150 EISOX Company designed a smart Thermostatic Radiator Valve which autonomously controls the temperature inside each room of a house depending on human behavior, with using artificial intelligence algorithms. We strongly believe that our product is going to radically change how users interact with their house and improve the comfort in every house
 ether2-150x150 Distributed Queue Switch Architecture’s (DQSA) performance hugs the curve of theoretical perfection at all times.  As the world’s first near-perfect switch developer community, we will converge all types of traffic to a universal network that is always stable, with trust in the IoT, WiFi, 4G, Data Centers, telephony and TV.
http://evercharge.net/ EverCharge builds smart electric vehicle charging stations that can power 10x more vehicles then traditional solutions. By utilizing our technology we maximize the current building infrastructure saving thousands on costly and unnecessary infrastructure additions that further strain the grid.
http://www.inboardskate.com/ Inboard is a group of action sports athletes with experience in engineering, business & design who have created the M1: a connected electric skateboard that redefines its category by hiding motors in the wheels & a swappable battery in the deck. This allows range up to 16km & speeds of 38 km/h while maintaining the style of a standard skateboard.
iSocketsystems-150x150 A home automation company that solves real problems for owners of connected homes. The key message is “Forewarned is forearmed” – meaning that a prompt alert of a problem, such as a power outage, leak, break-in, etc, can prevent costly damage. The main products offering of the company are Smart Plugs that operate over the cellular network.
http://www.kizytracking.com Kizy improves global supply chain operations. We help to solve some of the logistics industry’s main challenges by providing first-hand data about the location and state of shipments and assets on the move. Kizy makes advanced tracking functionalities – which were up until now limited to niche applications – affordable for large-scale deployment.
http://www.klikr.mobi/ BBDL is specialised in developing and bringing to market IoT with a difference. We aim at providing consumers simple, yet powerful smart solutions that enhance user experience and solve users basic daily problems.
www.iotsmartsystems.com LiveCast provides the premier two-way video & IoT sensor data delivery Platform. Enterprise grade solution enables teams to share critical, real-time information securely, via OnPrem or Cloud servers. Solution delivers industries best video quality and IoT alarm monitoring from: any mobile device, smart glasses, drones and desktop.
microtronics-150x150 Microtronics offers hardware, software and global data transmission at internationally standardised service rates. Microtronics realises efficient, secure and stable M2M / IoT applications and helps to smoothly integrate M2M / IoT technology into any product with only minimal development effort within 3 weeks.
www.myxyty.com MYXYTY is a pioneer on the smart home market; MyxyBox in 2010 was one of the first plug & play home automation solutions. On top of its mass market deployment, MYXYTY accompanies corporate customers through the process of conceiving, developing and launching their white labelled or cobranded smart home solutions (SAGEMCOM in 2014, Swisscom in 2015).
www.neuroon.com Inteliclinic is an engineering studio specializing in artificial intelligence technologies and biological signal processing systems, such as the Neuroon – a revolutionary wearable mask that combines advanced brain wave and pulse measurement technology with a sleeping mask. It is the first device on the consumer market that analyzes human sleep and improves its quality.
http://teslonix.com/ Teslonix smartRFpowerTM technology empowers IoT by providing OEM & system architects with the tools to design solutions that can energize, locate, track & communicate with edge devices in real-time over long distances. These systems are ideal for IoT networks that “manage” wearables, wireless sensors, beacons, RFID devices & similar applications.
https://payuca.com/ PAYUCA enables motorists to find privately owned parking spaces fast and makes them easily accessed via mobile APP or RFID card. As a result PAYUCA helps property managers who are struggling to rent out empty parking space efficiently and also helps the community in freeing public space from vehicles.
www.quanticaretechnologies.com/ Quanticare is building a walking frame with an integrated sensor to measure walking performance and prevent falls in the elderly.  Quanticare envisions a future of healthcare where digital technology enables data driven clinical encounters, empowering healthcare professionals to deliver proactive and preventative treatment.
www.swissprime-tech.com Swissprime Technologies AG is a tech startup, which specializes in the development and marketing of wireless locking solutions and subsequently launch it in the most attractive verticals. The Company’s dedicated team of engineers and business experts combines the necessary skill sets to come up with new products delivering real customer value.
http://www.tuv-sud.com |FULL_WIDTH TÜV SÜD is an international leading technical service. The experts are dedicated partners in their clients’ processes, offering industry expertise throughout the entire value chain. They focus their services on their core competencies of consulting, testing, certification and training. Almost 20,000 employees are committed to optimizing technology, systems and know-how at over 800 locations.
http://www.varta-microbattery.com/en/ VARTA Microbattery is one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers. With production facilities and sales subsidiaries worldwide, we supply high-quality battery products to our customers in more than 100 countries around the world. The company is headquartered in Ellwangen, Germany. We develop and produce batteries for all major electrochemical systems and cell geometries. As a global system supplier, we are in a position to fulfill our customers’ requirements all over the world.