Gadget of the Month

March 2016

CORNER by Athletec

CORNER is the boxing wearable that provides full, real-time insight into your performance. Recently announced at International CES 2016, CORNER’s depth of analysis and convenience of use has caused great anticipation ahead of the product’s end of Summer release. By slipping on a pair of small, bluetooth trackers to their handwraps, boxers are now able to track every punch, block or combination in to build a full picture of their performance. CORNER’s technology makes possible the monitoring of punch types, speed, power and accuracy without interfering with the boxer’s routine. With inspiration from recent trends in ‘IoT' technology, CORNER synchronises training data automatically so that boxers and their coaches can view sessions on any of their devices. Boxers can take the doubt of finding their peak performance by quickly discovering the areas of their game that require focus, and track improvement in each session, week and month of training.