Gadget of the Month

May 2012

Fitbit Ultra – Wireless Activity Tracker

Fitbit has been a star in the wearable fitness tracker scene for quite some time. No wonder - it was one of the first devices that was small and pretty enough to be worn around the clock and it is able to track both activity and sleep. Fitbit’s strength is that its functionalities are very simple due to the single-button control which cycles the OLED display through the six modes (steps, distance, floors climbed, calories burned, flower which means overall recent activity level and clock). The apps and web application are nicely designed. Even more details can be logged from your smart phone or computer such as individual food, workout, weight or other health indicators. The device syncs wirelessly and automatically to the base station when close; information is stored up to seven days. The battery will last a minimum of 3 days between charges - normally 5-7 days. The only downside of the product at the moment is that it is not waterproof yet. However, Fitbit Ultra combines some unique product features and is great for all those who want a full overview on how active and healthy they really are, or just need a little motivation to lead a healthier life.