Health Manager iPhone

With Medisana, you can turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into your personal, digital health manager. Under the name VitaDock, the company developed an app with which measured data can be saved on an Apple device and individually evaluated. One great advantage here is that your personal information remains on your device and doesn’t automatically get sent to a third party. The app makes it possible for VitaDock Plug and Play Module GlucoDock, ThermoDock, CardioDock and TargetScale to communicate with any smartphone. The first three aforementioned products are already legally certified medical devices. The following video gives a brief overview of the products:

GlucoDock helps diabetics quickly and comfortably measure their blood sugar levels. Five seconds after the reading is taken, the iphone displays the results, evaluates it using the patient’s customized information and saves it. A diary function allows the patient to add comments and other information to each result.

ThermoDock turns the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into an infrared thermometer, with which the user can, comfortably and hygienically, take the temperature of surfaces and liquids. Within a few seconds, for instance, you can take your own temperature or make sure the baby’s food isn’t too hot.

Blood pressure and pulse are quickly and precisely measured with CardioDock. Thanks to a patented measurement system and its accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) standards, the user gets qualified results: The module displays and saves the average of three successive readings taken.

TargetScale turns any smartphone into a personal weight manager. The scale transmits measured data to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Once on the device, it can be saved, evaluated and enhanced by personal commentary and other info. In addition to weight, the TargetScale also calculates percentage of body fat, muscle, water and bone mass and body-mass-index, as well as the level of fitness of active sportsmen and women.

Vitadock products work with the  iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, iPad and the iPod touch and are available at the Telekom Shop. An Android version is in the making. In becoming a purveyor of medical devices from its Telekom Shop, Deutsche Telekom aims to position itself as a provider of intelligent health solutions. The company sees the health sector as a strategic area of growth and plans to strengthen cooperation with doctors, health insurance companies, clinics and other medical facilities and patients alike.