WT in the safety and security market segment

The safety and security sector is one of the main market segments for Wearable Technologies. In particular, the potential demands of this segment include: intelligent armaments and protective suits for laborers, rescue personnel and the military; illuminated clothing and communication and emergency call devices worn on clothing; special solutions for military/special services training and education.

The military is an attractive segment for the Wearable Technologies industry, because it is always interested in technical innovations and quickly tries to adapt these to its needs. Buyers from these segments are interested in special solutions that increase safety for soldiers, make energy-sapping work easier and provide training for troops.

Demand for special solutions is also high within the occupational safety segment.  Dependable communications systems and protective clothing are of particularly great interest. Currently, highly specialized products for this group are quite expensive to produce and, therefore, not especially interesting to the market. The occupational safety segment tends to be more price sensitive, mostly interested in inexpensive, disposable products.

In the future, there will be great growth in the demand for safety and security-based wearable technology products. BCC Research reports that, between 2007 and 2012, the US market for “advanced fire protective clothing, armor, biological/chemical protective clothing, and respirators, gloves and other ancillary protective gear” will have grown by 6.6 percent annually, to 4.5 billion dollars. For “smart and interactive textiles” manufacturers, the military sector is the one of the fasted growing US markets. By 2012, the US military will have spent about 4.9 million dollars for such products.

According to estimates released by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., by 2015, worldwide sales of “personal protective equipment (PPE)” will increase to around 33.3 billion US dollars. Over the long term, PPE, outfitted with hybrid materials, intelligent technologies and nanotechnologies, will be responsible for these rising sales figures.

This year, for the first time ever, the Wearable Technologies show will be a part of the A+A in Dusseldorf. This year’s international Safety, Security and Health at Work convention will take place from October 18 to 21. At our convention space, in addition to featuring health at work topics, we will highlight intelligent safety and security products and solutions. We still have available stand spots. If your company has interest in one of these, please contact us [email protected]

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