WT meets Bluetooth at the Bluetooth Technology Conference

Bluetooth Technology and WT already go together perfectly well, and that relationship will be even better soon!

With the new Bluetooth low energy technology, developed for extremely low-power data transmission within a short range, the abundance of opportunities for wearable wireless devices is becoming larger and larger. In particular within the context of Body Area Networks (BAN), it offers a great, energy-saving solution for the communication of various devices worn on the body.

This year’s exciting Bluetooth Technology Conference will not only feature all things Bluetooth, but also highlight how Wearable Technologies devices of all kinds can profit from the technology. The future possibilities and challenges presented by Bluetooth technology will be explained and discussed with regard to various fields of application such as cellular phones, automotive, health and fitness, PC & consumer electronics and smart home.

Meet experts from various industry leaders such as Texas Instruments, Freescale Semiconductor, Qualcomm, Roche Diagnostics, Nordic Semiconductor or BodyTel and use the networking opportunity to exchange your ideas and visions. See how WT information transfer could look like in the future.

The Bluetooth Conference will took place in Munich on October 4, 2011. For more information on this event please contact [email protected]

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