Wearable Technologies Conference 2012 – The ultimate WTevent

On January 30, 2012, for the fifth time in a row, the Wearable Technologies Conference will take place in line with ISPO in Munich. This exciting conference gives visitors the opportunity to discover groundbreaking innovations from the fields of health, fitness and prevention.

Learn more about the newest technological trends and what influence these could have on your products, or how they can improve your ongoing projects.

This year’s conference will feature two areas of interest, namely the newest developments in the areas of “Sports & Consumers” und “Health & Fitness”. In addition to novel technologies in development, the 2012 WTconference will present products ready for the market. These days, technologies worn on or near the body are experiencing a real boom. The first WT products, those interesting to a wider market, are recording resounding successes. In addition, the many innovative technologies that have just reached the market stage have become all the more important to those manufacturers who can use the new technologies in a variety of their products.

The WTconference also offers visitors and vendors a unique opportunity to network. The international public attending the event comes from the widest variety of technological and marketing arenas. And the global exposure will also be high: Media from all over the world will be on the scene and reporting on the conference.

Be a part of this event and remain one step ahead of the rest with all of the exciting WT knowledge and valuable contacts you will gain from participating.

More information on schedules, registration and sponsoring opportunities can be found at www.wearable-technologies.com/wt-conference.