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Wearable Technologies is for humans; at least this is what we thought. But we are currently stumbling upon more and more WT products for animals. We don’t think that this will be the ultimate future of WT but we wanted to share our funny yet useful discoveries with you:

Have you ever wanted to immortalize your pet on video? Eyenimal makes this possible. The first video camera for pets is worn on your cat or dog’s collar. Take a look below:

The Swedish company Luda offers a whole range of monitoring products for horses and cows. One of the products is horseAlarm which allows you to monitor sweating and how often your mare is lying down, two proven indicators of foaling or the horse being unwell.

The Forschungszentrum für Medizintechnik und Biotechnologie e.V. in Bad Langensalza  is working on another product for horses, an ergospinometry system for mobile use on race courses, riding grounds or country trails. Another German company called WayCon uses ultrasonic distance sensors and fully automated feeding stations for horses. Another interesting project for horses is a development to measure saddle pressure on the horse’s back using a sensor mat from the company Medilogic in order to find the perfect fit of the saddle.

Bio-sense Technologies offers an electronic dog collar to monitor your dog’s wellbeing. The device can monitor the location of the dog and its activity and can notify the dog owner via SMS or a voice call if threat barks are sounded or if the dog left a pre-defined perimeter.

The companies Innotek, hightechpet and Invisible Fence offer dog collars to discipline your pet – probably not the animal friendliest solution on our list.

Jagdhunde.de is distributing telemetry and tracking devices for dogs from a company called Tracker.

The company Geodog offers another stylish dog collar to track the location of your dog and to monitor it on your smartphone via text message. Other dog locating devices come from the companies SpotLight, Garmin and zoombak.

The most curious project in this list is maybe the SNIF project by the MIT Media Lab. This development is a social networking pet collar to allow pet-to-pet, pet-to-owner and owner to owner interactions.

Do you know of any other pet projects? Let us know at info(at)wearable-technologies.com.

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