Clever Plasters

Have you ever imagined monitoring your vital signs via a simple, disposable skin patch? We have covered this topic before but found that now there are a lot more products on offer:

Gentag allows you to use your mobile phone to test your glucose levels, for example. Patented Gentag technology combines NFC consumer mobile phones, wireless networks, geolocation and disposable wireless sensors – called NFC sensors – for various applications.

The ePatch by Delta monitors physiological parameters directly from the wearer’s skin. The ECG and EMG ePatch technology platform is optimised for continuous monitoring for up to 1 week. It consists of a re-usable sensor and a disposable electrode.

The NUVANT MCT System by Corventis offers continuous surveillance of cardiac abnormalities to help physicians diagnose and treat cardiac arrhythmias. Patients are continuously monitored via PiiX®, an unobtrusive, leadless and water-resistant device designed to ensure patient compliance.

Toumaz have another ace up their sleeve – the Sensium Life Platform. The platform includes ultra-low power wireless sensor nodes (digital plasters), a USB/UART base station (or gateway) for up to 8 sensor nodes, source code and example firmware and software for easy integration with Windows XP/Vista or embedded host systems.

The Metria™ Wearable Sensor Technology from Avery Dennison Medical Solutions will be exhibited again with us at the WTshow at MEDICA 2012. The low-cost, patch-based wearable sensor technology platform is comfortable, secure and designed for low-profile physiological monitoring for a wide range of consumer or clinical applications. This is a joint project from Avery Dennison and Proteus Biomedical, Inc.

At the 2012 WTconference, we also saw two examples of adhesive devices that are continuously worn on the body: a drug delivery system called Omnipod from the Insulet Corporation and the wearable artificial pancreas project from Pancreum.

Yet another company active in the smart drug delivery field is SteadyMed Therapeutics, Inc., which is developing a group of practical, prefilled, disposable, subcutaneous delivery systems based on its proprietary product, PatchPump®.

We can’t wait to see these innovative solutions lining the shelves of our community pharmacies.