Truly wearable and washable music enjoyment

A few weeks ago I received a beautiful gadget from Sony for testing: the Walkman® W Series – a wearable, washable MP3 player without wires!!!

I loved it from the start. The Walkman is small and lightweight and looked top-quality and very well manufactured. As I am the proud owner of a Mac and a PC I was overly happy that the device works with both systems. Installation was extremely easy and it was possible to import the music in my iTunes library without any trouble. What a great software experience!

After equipping the device with my favorite music I took it out with me for a jog. A pleasant experience: the Walkman fit perfectly and stayed in place during the whole run. The sound quality was also really good and, on top of all this, the rechargeable battery lasted longer than the indicated 1.5 hours. And the best thing maybe was that I could take the device with me in the shower after the run.

Operating the device while jogging is a bit tricky and requires some practice, but as it had only my favorite music on it this feature was not even that important to me.

I have very little criticism for this product really and recommend it to everyone who likes listening to music during their jog. The only negative experiences I had with the device were that it was rather difficult to get the device unpacked from the box it came in, and that if your computer goes into sleep mode while charging the device, this causes the battery to discharge.

When I started running with the Walkman W-series I was constantly searching for a wire in my pockets as I kept forgetting that everything was integrated in the small headset! I had a lot of fun with the product and am really sad that I have to give it back now as it was only a test sample.