New muscle diagnostic sensors and methodology for professional athletes

Our WTcommunity member TMG-BMC will be exhibiting with us at the 2012 MEDICA fair. We held a short interview with their CEO, Jure Jemec:

1. What does your company name TMG-BMC stand for? What is TMG-BMC’s core business?

TMG-BMC Ltd. is a cutting-edge biomechanics and kinesiology company providing optimal solutions in fitness and rehabilitation for sport and medical applications. Our own in-house research team continually develops patented, highly effective programs to promote training and rehabilitation for top athletes and meet general physiotherapy and medical requirements.

Part of our company name comes from our in-house developed muscle diagnostics methodology – Tensiomyography – or TMG in short. The other half of our name stands for “BioMedical Consulting”. Since its inception in 1997, TMG has become internationally established as a valid mechanomyographical method for measuring muscle contraction properties.  It has been adopted by major users ranging from premier football clubs such as FC Barcelona through to leading medical and research institutions.

2. What solutions does your company offer in the wearables field?

We recently developed a new sensor and methodology for muscle diagnostics named Muscle Contraction or MC for short. Based on this technology, we developed a state-of-the-art miniature diagnostic device for the selective, non-invasive monitoring in real time of the mechanical properties of skeletal muscles or tendons during voluntary movement. We have also developed a sensor system with 3D accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetic sensor, which is capable of measuring a wide range of movements. This is ideal for optimising the running profile of professional athletes.

3. You have worked with an impressive list of sports clubs. Can you give us a few examples and describe some of the projects you have carried out with them?

Our company has always focused on professional sport since Merlene Ottey, 10 times Olympic medallist, is one of the founders of the company. Our primary goal is innovation and our employees have firsthand experience from professional sport. We provide unique ways of optimising or solving the different processes involved in sports training, from preventing injuries through to speed development. We help sports clubs and individual athletes to achieve their goals, maximising on their results at the same time. Professional football was one of our focal areas right from the outset. We have worked in conjunction with clubs such as FC Barcelona, Manchester United FC, Chelsea FC, UK athletics and many others. Furthermore we have worked with both finalists from the last European football championships – the Italian Football Association and Royal Spanish Football Federation. Experts with different profiles and different requirements use our products. For example, a team doctor needs to decide if an athlete has completed his/her rehabilitation programme. The S&C coach must decide whether or not more emphasis should be placed on a specific muscle group whilst a head coach must decide which player will play in a crucial game based on tactics. All of these experts need the relevant and objective information that our products provide, thereby assisting in the decision-making process. Coming up with the right decisions in the long term will significantly help our customers to refine and customize their training protocols to suit individual needs and consequently to reduce the number of injuries, boost physical performance and complete rehabilitation.

4. You will be exhibiting with us at our WTshow at MEDICA in November. What products/solutions will you present at this show?

We will be exhibiting our MC diagnostic device at the WTshow. As I mentioned earlier, the MC sensor is based on a novel principle in which muscle or tendon tension is measured selectively and non-invasively during muscle contractions. As the measurement is being recorded, the sensor is fixed to the surface of the skin above the muscle or tendon, while the tip of the sensor applies pressure and causes indentation of the skin and intermediate layer directly above the muscle and in the muscle per se. The force on the sensor tip is then measured. This type of estimate in terms of muscle or tendon mechanics has a substantial impact on all activities involving human motion, from daily work to rehabilitation and professional sport.

5. What is your favorite Wearable Technologies product?

In one word – MC. We have proved that the MC sensor is a useful device in mechanical muscle diagnostics and compliments other existing methods offered by companies like EMG or Isokinetic devices. It offers a totally new approach to injury prevention, rehabilitation monitoring and training optimisation.


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