Activity trackers – the next generation

Watch this space for a new wave of wearable gadgets for tracking activity. Flushed with earlier successes, the new generation of activity trackers looks even better!

Withings have expanded their product range with a smart activity tracker – an everyday companion to track activity level and monitor heart rate.

Jawbone have finally launched their activity tracking wristband after experiencing difficulties with the first generation. Besides activity tracking, the device can also track food and sleep patterns.

Fitbit have just launched their third generation of trackers – the One and the ZIP. They have also announced a wireless activity and sleep wristband called Flex for spring 2013.

The Misfit Shine is a wireless activity tracker crowd-funded through indiegogo. Besides steps, it can also track different activities like cycling and swimming. Just lay it on a phone to synch it.

Amiigo is another crowd-funded device. The fitness bracelet for iPhone and Android measures and tracks specific exercises, reps, sets, heart rate and calories burned.

Basis finally launched their “all-in-one” wristband health and heart rate monitor for wellness and fitness in December 2012. The watch measures heart rate via an optical sensor.

Last but not least, Bodymedia will soon be launching a new multi-sensor activity/health tracker called Core 2 that will be able to deliver clinically proven results. Various wearable options will be available.

We look forward to finding out more about these devices and hearing your opinion on them.