Bras with Superpowers

Bras that can measure your heart rate are nothing new in the wearable technologies market. Apart from Clothing+ who is partnering with underwear manufacturer Pure Lime other companies like nuubo, numetrex, lululemon, and Gow trainer offer bras with cardiac monitoring capabilities.

These bras were all designed for women practicing some kind of exercise or sports. However researchers of Biomechanics Research Laboratory (BRL) of the University of Wollongong, Australia, found that “~50% of females, regardless of bra size, age or health status, report suffering exercise-induced breast discomfort during exercises involving running and jumping, and this leads to many females reducing their physical activity participation.”  Therefore the team around Julie Steele works on improving fit and design using sensors in bras and developed a great app for finding the right size.

A company called First Warning Systems is also addressing the topic breast health. Their bra system offers non-invasive, non-radiogenic, early breast cancer discovery. Learn more about how it works in the video below:

The BBC has reported on another important super-power-bra-project. Three SRM University students in the Indian city of Chennai have developed an underwear device, actuated with sensors and electric shock circuit board, for women. In addition, there are GPS and GSM modules attached to this setup. The inside of the undergarment is insulated with a polymer. The circuit is placed near the bosom because, in the attempt of rape or harassment, this is where women are attacked there first, according to a survey. The project is called SHE, you can read more about it here.

Last but not least, we there is this really interesting project by Durex, which we also featured as our Gagdet of the Month in May. See how the vibrating ‘Fundawear‘ controlled by a smartphone could help you keep in touch in your long-distance (or short-distance) relationship:

Are there any other bras and other underwear with super powers out there? Let us know. And by the way, the Fundawear as well as the First Warning Systems project will be presented at our upcoming conference on July 22/23 in San Francisco!