Wearables for pregnancy and newborns

We already reported on wearable technologies for children and babies but there are a few more wearable products coming up, especially for babies, even for those that are not born yet!

Judging from the number of products one can find in this category there are quite a lot of moms-to-be who are interested in playing music to their unborn baby. Products in this category include Ritmo Pregnancy, bellybuds, Lullabelly or Sound Beginnings and make moms belly look rather funny.

Besides these, there are also some at-home-monitoring solutions available already and others will be  soon.  Since radiation is an issue for babies especially, monitoring devices have to have a special shield. A product called StimElation taking this into account just launched on indiegogo. You can still support this project, for more information watch the video below:

And then there are wearable fetal monitors, allowing to hear a babys heartbeat, kicks and hiccups like AngelSounds and the Summer Infant Clarity Digital Prenatal System.

A design concept which dates back to 2011 still amazes us and we would love to see it realized by someone. It is called Prevue and was suggested by Australian industrial designer Melody Shiue. The wearable fetal visualization device is like a big belt that is wrapped around the mothers belly with a big screen that visualizes the baby. The concept allows both parents to connect with their unborn baby.

Another fun project comes from Huggies. It allows dad to feel what mom feels. It is a system consisting of two belts that transmits a baby’s kick from mom to dad. Watch the video below to learn more about this amazing project:

In the first months a newborn are the most fragile, meaning  extra high stress levels for the new parents. But there are wearable technologies that can help in the form of sleep and health monitoring solutions. Several solutions have comprised a sensor that is stored in baby’s bed and communicates with a special terminal or the parents smartphones. Two examples are Angelcare and iBabyGuard. A video camera solution that communicates with your smartphone comes from Withings in the form of the Smart Baby Monitor.

A more comprehensive monitoring approach comes from Sensible Baby. The company developed a product called the Smart One™. The system monitors a baby’s motion and the ambient temperature of the room, alerting the parents in case the baby stops sleeping on its back, moving, breathing, or the room temperature is not ideal.

Another baby monitoring solution comes in form of a sock from a company called Owlet. The sock is worn by the baby while it is sleeping.  It collects heart rate, oxygen, and sleep-data and sends it via Bluetooth 4.0 to the parent’s smartphone. The data is then pushed to the cloud and is available from any internet connected device. Learn more below:

We already wrote about another health monitoring solution: A diaper and smartphone app to monitor your baby’s health. By scanning the front of the Smart Diaper with the mobile app and you get a report on your smartphone that can reveal signs of on urinary tract infection, prolonged dehydration and the developing kidney problems. You can still support the Smart Diaper project by Pixie Scientific on indiegogo:

But this is not the only diaper product we found. Huggies has come up with a concept device – a bird-shaped humidity sensor – that clips onto a diaper and communicates with an iPhone app. The device is called TweetPee and indicates when babies’ diapers need changing. For more information watch the video below (in Portuguese only):

And in case you don’t have a funny little mini human in your home yet, but are desperately trying to make one maybe this portable solution can help: DuoFertility. It is a fertility monitoring system and service, combining a monitoring unit that can be used at home. The data will then be analyzed by health professionals via email or on the phone.

Please contact us if you know other interesting wearable baby or pregnancy products that we haven’t listed above!

Image: SensibleBaby

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