Put a Ring on It

If you are reading this article it is most likely that you are doing it in front of a screen, whether it is a laptop or not it is not always easy to control the machines we wear and carry with us especially if you are on the go.

ThumbTrack™ solved the problem for you with its ergonomic touch ring. You can perform all mouse functions with ease, eliminating the risk of pain or injury to your hand and wrist. ThumbTrack™ enables you to choose a comfortable body posture while working on your computer, allowing the muscles of your hand, arm and shoulder to relax. The ring can perform the following functions: switch on/off, scroll, select and navigate. Just like your mouse but wearing it!

Open doors as if you were Ali Baba with the Sesame Ring by the company Ring Theory.This ring is a concept that students at MIT developed and in fact it doesn’t open all doors but the ones of the public transport in Boston. The 3D printed ring is waterproof and RFID-enabled and works like the Boston’s transit card, (Charlie Card). You just load it with some money and place it against the scanner on the turnstile to get through.

A ring that will really open your house door is the NFC Ring. All it takes in addition to the ring is an, an NFC enabled door lock. Among this feature the jewelry can also unlock your smart phone or tablet as long as they are NFC enabled, just slide your hand on the back and the NFC will do the rest. You can also control applications with the ring. And the best thing? It never needs charging, ever.

A discrete way to check your incoming calls and messages without taking your phone out and disturb the things you are doing, is the Smarty Ring. With this fashion item you can control your phone without touching it, get real time updates from Facebook, Twitter, Hangout & Skype, trigger the camera, control your music, track your phone and check the time.

Ringly is a company that designs and crafts jewelry and accessories that connect to your phone. The ring notifies you after you set in the ring’s app when and how.

The average American teen spends 7.5 hours consuming media, and 70% of 13 to 17 year olds own a smartphone. A new startup called Ringblingz wants to tap into this potentially lucrative market with a smart ring that focuses on what is most important for teens—their social lives—by sending them alerts from favorite contacts from different social media channels so they don’t have to constantly check their phones. And also parents benefit from their teen’s new favorite jewelry. The ring allows them to see where their offspring is.

A wearable smart ring that can turn your palm into a gesture interface to control multiple devices is Fin. Fin is fitted with a bunch of sensors that can detect finger taps, swipes and identify various parts of the palm by calculating their distance from the thumb. Fin can transmit these natural gestures as commands to any connected Bluetooth device, such as a smartphone, a music player, a gaming console, a digital interface inside a car, a television set or a home automation device.For instance, a person driving a car can use Fin as the car key, take phone calls or control the music player without taking their hands off the steering wheel. A smartphone user can rub their index finger against the thumb to zoom their screens in and out and they can assign numbers to different sections of their fingers, turn their hand into a numeric keypad and tap in a phone number without even touching the phone.

Another Smart Ring called Ring was recently funded on Kickstarter. Ring is a wearable input device that allows users to type a text, control home appliances, and complete payments transactions within seconds. The Ring team says it’s the “shortcut everything”, with that you will have the ability to perform numerous tasks with a single gesture.

And there are even more rings out there like the one from Kovert and the so called WonderRing, WT looks forward to learning more about them since they are not released yet.

So will rings be the new wearable platform? We will see it soon!

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