Small size – double the fun?

This compilation of wearable products might make you blush; however, the industry behind the most beautiful pastime in the world is a billion dollar market. You would never believe what is available for you today and after looking closely into this topic we are really curious about what might be coming next…

Are you by any chance a fan of Foursquare? Under the theme “Proud to wear protection” the Planned Parenthood® Federation of America Inc. is running an interesting campaign that allows you to log when and where you last had protected sex. However, it does not work automatically (yet) – the condoms distributed by the organization include a QR code that can be scanned by smartphones and connects users to a mobile website. Similar to other geo-location services like Foursquare or Facebook Places, the site allows someone to anonymously “check-in” their safe sex activity.

But this is not the only approach to get involved with social media in the bedroom. The Dutch company Kiiroo plans to launch a private social platform alongside a line of devices that enable you to physically touch another person online. Kiiroo describes itself as “the next generation of designer intimacy hardware” but see for yourself below:

This is not the first attempt trying to support people in long distance relationships. We already reported about Durex’s cooperation with Australian designer Billie Whitehouse last year. Under the name ‘Fundawear‘ the designer developed line of lingerie that allows couples to “touch each other over the internet” using underwear fitted with vibrators that can be activated using an app. Partners can remotely control how, where and when vibrations occur in the other person’s Fundawear.

Another project that successfully (the campaign reached 870%) completed a crowdfunding campaign is Vibease – a wearable vibrator. While the device can discreetly be slipped into the wearer’s underwear and works completely hands-free it is not only made for couples. In fact it is explicitly for solo use also. The vibrator works with a special story app and vibrates to keywords in the story the wearer listens to. The wearer can choose between different “fantasies” but can also listen to an audio book like “Shades of Grey” while the vibrator is triggered automatically.

Claiming to offer the No. 1 couples vibrators (most of their vibrators are sold together with a remote control) the Canadian company We-Vibe now also has a model – the We-Vibe 4 Plus – that works with a smartphone app.

For those who like to (discreetly) wear their vibrator out and to have it always handy the company Crave has designed the world’s first vibrator necklace. The vibrator pendant called Vesper will be available in silver, rose gold, or 24k gold plating, is rechargeable via a USB cable and comes with a warming feature.

Besides all these toys there is also a product focused on a more serious topic: pelvic floor health. Pelvic floor muscles are a critical part of a healthy body and can affect health and happiness in many ways. This is now tackled by kGoal – an interactive training system for pelvic floor exercise. The new Kegel trainer is a device + app that provide a fun, interactive platform to guide, measure and track pelvic floor exercise:

But back to the toys: Sex toy giant Jimmyjane is also offering a new wearable approach – a so called fingertip vibrator. See below to get the idea:

Besides this product Jimmyjane also has something in the shelves for guys. The vibrating Iconic Ring is worn by the man during intercourse for a “shared, hands-free experience for couples”. A similar but 100% waterproof “couples’ ring” called TOR 2 is offered by the Swedish brand LELO.

But that’s not where it ends: UK’s brand Bondara has taken self-tracking for couples to the next level when announcing the SexFit beginning of this month. This vibrating cock ring is the world’s first couple’s sexual fitness tracker. Users can upload their ‘workout’ and track their performance with the accompanying SexFit app that provides insights into the intimate workout, including calories burnt and thrusts per minute. It will also be possible to share and compare favorite sessions and impressive individual milestones with peers on social media…

We reckon this is just where it starts. Plus we have not even included virtual and augmented reality applications in this article. And we have a hunch that many of the wearable devices designed for personal entertainment might actually be used to watch porn like @OverlayAR is suggesting here:

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