Review IFA 2014

“Wearables, this year’s buzzword” claims the IFA exhibition organiser in their event magazine. WT went to visit the largest consumers electronics fair to find out if indeed everything trendy that was presented would be bendable and wearable. Our conclusion is that we indeed observed that all major players had a product or several wearables strongly anchored in their product portfolio, signposting a strong belief in the market potential for these products.

However we are reluctant to agree with IFA’s claim. This year’s buzzword “curved” seemed a better fit, as several large brands launched their curved TV at the fair. Most strikingly so was Samsung who had a massive marketing powerhouse effort  – located at City Cube  –  geared at impressing both press and consumers. The main focus of the IFA this year was on presenting product advancements in TVs we believe.

However we did scout the IFA to see what wearables caught our attention; here is quick overview:

  • Samsung curved smart-wrist display @IFA. It does feel more comfortable as well as looks better on your wrist.