Love is in the air…

Here a gentle reminder: Valentine’s Day is coming. It’s around the corner but we have some ideas for you: How about a piece of (wearable) tech. Maybe even something that you both can enjoy…

It’s getting hot in here… with Hum, the first artificially intelligent vibrator. The sex toy feels your moves and hums  back.  Looking like a small bowling pin with a trendy-hipster mustache, Hum learns what your body likes and  responds accordingly, delivering varius frequencies of vibrations in response to how much pressure is exerted. Hum responds to its user’s movements to provide a unique sexual experience that mimics what it’s like to be with an actual human partner. But watch out guys,  your days might be numbered with this gift. But it is also something for all you lonely hearts out there.

Similar name but not at all the same is HuMove, an idea of an Italian researcher team. The accelerometer-based wearable system is a diagnostic tool for doctors to test for sexual dysfunction for men and women although at present it has only been used to test men. HuMOVE can easily be used for personalized sex tracking due to its simplicity as the platform is capable of quantifying the movements of sexual intercourse and storing the data. Like an activity tracker for sex –so in case your boyfriend is involved in the Quantified Self movement this is definitely something for him

For relaxing and sleepy times the company Little Riot designed the Pillow-Talk, a pillow aiming to connect those who are in a long distance relationship. Each person has a wristband they wear to bed at night and a small speaker which you place inside your pillow case. The wristband picks up your real-time heartbeat and transmits it via smartphone app to the other person’s pillow. Placing your head on your own pillow enables you to hear the real-time heartbeat of your loved one. The result is an intimate interaction between two lovers, regardless of the distance between them. With this present the lonely nights are finally over!

There’s more good  news for the long distance lovers! FriXion is another toy for you couples. For those moments you want to do anything but sleeping…The company claims to be the social network for sex toys. It will allow people to remotely control a range of sex toys from different manufacturers. Using sophisticated haptic teledildonics two or more FriXion users are able to touch each other and even have sex at any distance. The system is currently in beta-testing phase…

But if you can’t wait and are looking for something more romantic , Frebble is the device you need. When one user squeezes  his Frebble, the corresponding Frebble in their partners hand will gently apply pressure to the back of their hand, simulating what they would feel if you were holding hands right next to each other. Frebble uses haptic technology, or ‘tactile feedback’ to mimic the sensation of hand-holding through two devices. They do this thanks to two pressure sensors at the front of each device to register squeezing, two vibration motors on the side to make the sensation feel more real, and one integrated ‘squeeze bar’ to replicate holding hands. A multicolor LED will indicate connection status and when a squeeze is waiting.  Something similar was also shown last year at our WT | Wearable Technologies Conference in Munich by Bond Band developer Kwame Corp.

For more ideas for partner toys check out this article.

Looking for something more traditional? Maybe these are some ideas:

Jewelry for her: The Artefactgroup ,a technology product design and development company, came up with the idea of Purple, a locket which looks like a traditional one. It connects wirelessly to your social networks and receives images and messages from friends and family. The locket connects to all major sources like Facebook, Instagram and SMS, but centers the experience on people you pre-select. Purple receives keepsake only from these pre-selected people, reminding you of the moments that are important to you. With one simple gesture, you can browse keepsake, like your favorites, or send a quick photo message to let the people you love know that you are thinking of them. A companion app helps you manage and control your Purple experience. To charge the locket, simply leave it in its ceramic charging bowl. While this is a concept we will love to see this became a reality.

Ear-O-smart is also jewelry that can monitor your heart rate, calories, and activity level. Is a fashionable earring that connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology and allows you to monitor a wide range of fitness data. Jewelry that you could wear everyday and at anytime!

What about a smartwatch for him? French company Withings is increasing its product family of activity trackers with the Withings Activité . Not only looks and acts as a regular watch but can also  track your daily activities such as sleep, steps, and activity.  On the Activité’s round face are two dials: The first tells the time, the other one counts from 0 to 100, with marks at intervals of ten displaying the percentage of the step goal you have reached so far. The Activité syncs its data via Bluetooth to Withings’ Health Mate app on iOS (Android support is coming soon.). Its algorithms figure out what you’re doing and track each activity differently. Its battery lasts eight months and it’s water-resistant enough to wear in the shower. We had the opportunity to see the Withings Activité live when they exhibited with us at  MEDICA fair and its sleek and Swiss design did not only catch our attention.

We hope you enjoyed our little gift guide – let us know if you’d like to see more of these.

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