Live from Munich: The 14th WT | Wearable Technologies Conference – Day 2

9:05 Kicking off this second day is Teardown on stage! World Premiere! Explaining the teardown of the Amiigo bracelet, 4 weeks in 20 minutes! Texas Instruments is one of the major semiconductors & manufacturers companies on the market and also inside the Amiigo!

teardown amiigo

9:55 CEO Jiang Li from VivaLnk is talking about skin base wearables, with their eSkin Tatto they are one of the first ones that came up with the idea of monitoring human vital signs on-skin 24/7. Also presenting their next product an e-Skin thermometer for kids!

VivaLnk VivaLnk 2

10:10 Anja Talo from Enfucell is presenting a cosmetic patch! Using Iontophoresis , which is a micro current to push active ingredients into skin to treat acné, skin whitening, also with uses within the healthcare industry.

enfucell cosmetic patch

10:25 Matt Bates is next from Abbott Diabetes Care, showcasing a new way to check Glucose, the FreeStyle Libre System, by attaching the device to your arm, no more finger pricks! Water resistant and minimal-invasive device.


10:50 Zinc labs and Bloom technologies are presenting a wearable that helps moms to connect between them, engage and track their contractions with a patch called Bloom.


The patch-Bloom

11:10 Time for a quick break and a hot coffee!

11:40 We are back! Elvie and Earlens are next with Technologies inside the body!

11:45 Brent Edwards from Earlens is up! Hearables or Earables? Earlens aims to solve the uncomfortable and not so visually good looking problem of using hearing aids with Earlens.


12:00 Tania Boler from Chiaro presenting Elvie! A device to exercise your pelvic floor muscles. A device designed for women by women. Real problems for real women! Defy gravity!


12:20 Next on stage is John Dwyer from Flextronics with a Keynote. Flextronics is bringing together technology evolution with consumer revolution. Showcasing one the many examples of what they do.



13:00 It is lunch time at the WT Conference in Munich, charge your body and gadgets and back!

14:30 Back from lunch to catch the Gemalto speech from Chantal Abadie! Ensuring privacy by design they feature 4 new different solutions for wearables, Connectivity, Payment, Security and Privacy.


14:50 Time to sweat with Zachary Sonner from University of Cincinnati. Sweat rate measurement with a built-in electronic patch, disposable.

University Cincinnati

15:15 Formatec Ceramics is shaping technology and design in wearables.  Design for ceramics is not an easy task. Is it possible to make the step for High volume aesthetic ceramics. Ceramic Injection moulding can be a key factor.

15:30 Next up is MediaTek Labs, MediaTek is in most of the devices we use now-a-days, now is time to be involve with wearables. Here is where MediaTek stands today:


15: 50 Last speaker of this session is Semiconductor company Soitec which focuses on materials. Soitec collaborates with the entire ecosystem to develop new technologies.


16:50 Back from the break to catch up the last session of the second day. First speaker is a surprise with HTC! Presenting the re Camera! A portable camera that you can bring along to the pool, to a trip or just use it to catch and record unique moments. Also HTC announced its partnership with Under Armour! Stay tuned for what is about to come, out of this partnership.


17:05 Salesforce is in! Tipp of the day by the hand of Philippe from Salesforce : Make your decisions based only in commercially available products! Another remark – Service Revolution is, 25 Billion connected products, 75 Billion by 2020.

17:30 Telekom ask : Wearables, the next big thing or just another hype? Seems like it is a hype right now but it is starting to take off.


17:45 Now an amazing live demo from IT Innovation Centre and 3DLive Project. Ski competition between 3 different persons in 3 different locations! Alex

3D live

18:00 That was all! Awesome 14th Conference with awesome Speakers! See you all in San Francisco!